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Allows you to preview what Different Google Adsense blocks would look like and see a few of the ads that would be showing if you had Adsense on your site using the keyword that you enter."; $title = "Google Adsense Preview"; include("header.php"); $adformat = array(); $adformat["468x60"] = "Banner 468x60"; $adformat["234x60"] = "Half Banner 234x60"; $adformat["728x90"] = "Leaderboard 728x90"; $adformat["120x600"] = "Skyscraper 120x600"; $adformat["160x600"] = "Wide Skyscraper 160x600"; $adformat["120x240"] = "Vertical Banner 120x240"; $adformat["125x125"] = "Button 125x125"; $adformat["300x250"] = "Medium Rectangle 300x250"; $adformat["250x250"] = "Square 250x250"; $adformat["336x280"] = "Large Rectangle 336x280"; $adformat["180x150"] = "Small Rectangle 180x150"; ?>
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