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The 10 Best Indie Games for the Holiday Season

1. Torchlight 2 The fantasy-RPG sequel to the wildly popular 2009 game Torchlight, Runic Games’ latest installment in the franchise, doesn’t mess with its recipe too much. And in this case, that’s a big positive. Part steam-punk treasure hunt, part magic-heavy flight of fancy, Torchlight 2 capitalizes on the fast-paced, action-filled environment crafted by the designers of Diablo, Diablo 2 and Fate. Expect a lot of loot-grabbing from this game, as a bulk of the fun takes place in expansive and randomly generated cave systems practically filled to the brim with treasure and fancy equipment for your specific character class. Torchlight 2 really gilds the lily with a long-awaited and happily embraced local LAN option — meaning you can raid dungeons with three of your closest friends. This makes the experience, for the first time, a cooperative one, and has been one of the best new features. This game is really a continuation of that old-school play style seen in the previous Diablo installments, so if solo (or small group) hunting is your thing, download away. Price: $19.99 on Steam Platform: WindowsClick here to view this gallery. You or someone you know is probably one of those fickle gamer types. While the regular masses would be awed by a freshly minted copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, you’re searching for something deeper and more refined than the average franchise from your big box store. Whether you want to be the “cool indie guy” who passes out sweet games to your friends, or you’re looking to snag some new and interesting games to get you through that lull between Christmas and New Years, here are 10 indie games worth picking up. SEE ALSO: 50 Winning Holiday Gifts for Gamers From survival horror to puzzle platformers, there’s a little bit of everything to satisfy all types of gamers. So, what are… Continue reading… More About: Entertainment, Gaming, features, holidays 2012

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The 10 Best Indie Games for the Holiday Season

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