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Louisiana residents make best of ‘historic’ flood on social media

Heavy rains forced at least a thousand rescues and caused three deaths across Louisiana over the weekend as the state experienced what Gov. John Bel Edwards called “historic” floods.  SEE ALSO: Dramatic video shows woman and her dog being rescued from sinking car Beginning Friday, 6 to 10 inches of rain fell on parts of Louisiana and several more inches of rain fell on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service, with one area reporting as much as 17 inches of rain.  Despite the dire circumstances, some Louisiana residents used social media to share some of the lighter moments from the past few days. Many people took comfort in the presence of their animal friends.  Read more…More about Social Media, Louisiana Flood, Louisiana, Flooding, and Flood

Hands-free tech is still distracting to drivers, study shows

Think Siri is the safest way to use your phone in the car? AAA urges you to reconsider. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a study Thursday that states hands-free technology can distract drivers, even when their eyes are looking forward and their hands are on the wheel. A variety of in-car infotainment systems, in addition to voice-activated systems on mobile phones, were tested as part of the study. See also: Tesla is mapping the Earth, ’cause your GPS won’t cut it for self-driving cars Many modern cars are equipped with advanced infotainment systems that control navigation, audio and other vehicle functions. Automakers install hands-free systems that allow drivers to operate infotainment systems with voice commands. iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices offer similar functionality, often used while driving. Read more…More about Tech

Instagram Video vs Vine Video: Which Is Better For Your Brand? by @harrisryan30

Here are the facts. Instagram has video. Twitter has video. People love to watch and share videos. Brands already know that social media presence can significantly boost awareness. If you’re looking to gain serious online traction, which route should you take – Vine Video or Instagram Video? It’s no secret that share-ability is what brands […]Author informationRyan HarrisRyan Harris is a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant who works with small businesses and start-ups to design effective social media strategies to jumpstart brand growth. He has worked extensively with both B2B and B2C clients on marketing strategy with a focus on product introduction. He holds a B.A. in Strategic Communications and currently writes for a diverse array of tech blogs. He spends his free time reading tech news and watching an excessive amount of professional soccer. Connect with Ryan on Twitter or directly via email.TwitterThe post Instagram Video vs Vine Video: Which Is Better For Your Brand? by @harrisryan30 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Study: Car Infotainment a Looming Public Safety Crisis

Just as Apple starts bringing a special version of Siri into cars, an AAA study throws a bucket of cold water on the next step in “safe infotainment” for the latest vehicles. The study found that of all the typical in-car activities studied, speech-to-text systems were “the most cognitively distracting.” The study results were expressed in workload ratings, where a baseline number of 1.0 was assigned to a single driver without any distractions inside the car. Listening to the radio was rated 1.21, having a passenger in the car, 2.33, and talking on a cellphone, 2.45 (with hands-free cellphone use rated at 2.27). Most dangerous was listening and responding to email using speech-to-text, garnering a 3.06 rating on the cognitive distraction scale. Read more…More about Cars, Study, Tech, Us, and Distracted Driving

You Can Be a Hero on New Year’s!

Today is a big day, it is New Year’s Eve and many celebrate by drinking and/or using substances that impair their ability to drive safely. Today you can be a hero by stopping others from driving impaired and also by choosing to not drive impaired. Anytime you can save a life you are a hero The post You Can Be a Hero on New Year’s! appeared first on Search Engine Journal.