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Serena Williams’ picture-perfect ’50s-themed baby shower is giving us squad goals

Tennis legend and mama-to-be Serena Williams just celebrated her pregnancy with a star-studded ’50s-themed baby shower at Nick’s 50s Diner in West Palm Beach in Florida. Love you Rena ❤️?❤️ #shakerattleandroll2017 pic.twitter.com/buzyWLAKPT — LA LA (@lala) August 5, 2017 Williams’ super cute bash was attended by some of her celeb pals, like Kelly Rowland, Ciara, La La Anthony, Eva Longoria, and of course, her equally talented sister, Venus Williams. Party goers pulled all the stops with spot-on colorful costumes and even the famously huge ’50s hair bows. They even posed in front of a cherry red pickup truck that was parked outside the old school diner. Read more…More about Baby Shower, Serena Williams, 1950s, Entertainment, and Sports

14-year-old who can ball is incredibly also named Jeremy Lin

No, this Asian basket wunderkind isn’t that Jeremy Lin.  The 14-year-old, who bears the same name as Brooklyn Nets’ point guard Jeremy Lin, has been described as “one of the stand out players” at the 2017 Ballislife Jr All American Camp, that took place in Orange County, CA on Jun. 30. “Jeremy impressed us with his range and his passing abilities which landed him a spot in the top 25 game at the camp,” as per Ballislife. It’s Linsanity: Take two. Read more… More about Sports, Basketball, Culture, Jeremy Lin, and Culture

Of course LaVar Ball finally said something offensive

LaVar Ball was a top Twitter trend again on Wednesday, but this time because he said something actually offensive.  Because of course he did. Because this is what the tawdry love affair between LaVar and the media has been leading up to all along — a chance for outrage, a chance for righteous indignation, a chance to tear him down when he never should have been built up like this in the first place.  On Wednesday, LaVar served that chance up on a silver platter.  SEE ALSO: Schea Cotton, the NBA All-Star who wasn’t, is finally ready to tell his story Appearing on Fox Sports 1’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd, LaVar got rather misogynistic in an exchange with co-host Kristine Leahy after Leahy started asking about the ridiculously overpriced line of shoes LaVar recently unveiled.  Read more…More about Nba, Basketball, Lonzo Ball, Lavar Ball, and Entertainment

ESPN killed something else with its layoffs, its best hope to reach millennials: TrueHoop podcasts

“Stop hitting yourself… Stop hitting yourself…”  That’s the sound of ESPN bullying itself into irrelevance as we’ve now learned that the self-described “worldwide leader in sports” has killed the best thing to come out of its Bristol, Connecticut headquarters in recent years: the TrueHoop network of podcasts.  The news that the podcasts will shut down comes along with the massive layoffs announced earlier this week.   SEE ALSO: ESPN is laying off a bunch of its on-air talent Along with the initial cuts of about 100 staffers, ESPN also quietly let go of one of its most impactful team members, Henry Abbott, the guy behind ESPN’s TrueHoop brand of basketball stories, videos, and podcasts. His ouster, ostensibly, spelled the end of the podcasts.  Read more…More about Bill Simmons, Grantland, Media, Sports, and Podcasts

To sit, or not to sit? THAT is the question.

Will the real conclusive study on the health effects of sedentary behavior PLEASE stand up??? Or sit down … who even knows anymore. See, it’s like this — every so often a new study comes out declaring that sitting for hours on end is essentially your ticket to an early grave. So then you read it, become increasingly terrified and make a conscious decision to stand more often. SEE ALSO: Netflix cheating is a phenomenon that can put a pause on your relationship But just when you finally get your standing desk approved by your office manager, another study declares that standing for prolonged periods is equally as threatening to your health. Read more…More about Exercise, Office Life, Lifestyle, Conversations, and Health

The wonderful and frankly weird AF things people wore at Melbourne Cup

Going to horse racing events in Australia is meant to be a classy endeavour, but it always attracts plenty of outlandish and farfetched fashion choices. Even the most important event of the racing year, the Melbourne Cup, isn’t without its lurid outfits amongst the sea pastel polyester shirts, white loafers, bodycon dresses and nude heels. SEE ALSO: The horse race ‘that stops a nation’ cops a sledging on social media Let’s take a look at the daring fashions on the field this year, shall we? Like these custom suits, which really speak (loudly) for themselves. The best suits so far#774cup pic.twitter.com/MOBP83ogry — ABC Radio Melbourne (@774melbourne) October 31, 2016 Read more… More about Fashion, Horse Racing, Melbourne Cup, Australia, and Watercooler

Tom Brady has some very harsh words for strawberries

You, and all socially aware people, are probably aware of what Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen deem acceptable to put in their multi-million-dollar industry bodies, and strawberries are certainly not on that list. But Brady insists that it’s easy to keep his body pure of the devil’s delicacy, because he has never marred his tongue with the forbidden fruit.  SEE ALSO: Lifelike Tom Brady mask is straight out of Roger Goodell’s fever dreams “I’ve never eaten a strawberry in my life. I have no desire to do that,” he informed The Cut. “Absolutely not.”  It seems suspicious that Brady can recall everything he’s ever eaten, including his youth, but alright. Even if he’s merely a born again strawberry virgin, the quarterback is certainly committed. He has also, apparently, never had coffee. Brady also once said that he never deflated certain footballs, so it’s important to keep an open mind here.  Read more…More about Football, Patrick Pichette, New England Patriots, Tom Brady, and Athletes

It is 2016. Someone tell the Olympics.

Someone needs to tell the International Olympic Committee about the world today. Tell it about the internet, social media, globalization and that the way we watch sports has changed.  The Olympics is a global sporting event but the International (International!) Olympic Committee (IOC) seems intent on making it an affair you have to suffer through alone on your couch with all the excitement drained out and stomped on. This isn’t a new problem (we’ve been complaining about it since 2012), but in 2016, it is time to get with the program.  SEE ALSO: Brazilian fans get gold medal in booing Separately, the network which has the digital and broadcast rights to the Olympics in the U.S., NBC, has joined forces with the IOC to kill all social media fun, delay viewing for primetime and try to force people to play along with its ratings game.  Read more…More about Twitter, Social Media, Olympics, Rio Olympics, and Entertainment