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Larry Flynt offers $10 million if you have information that’ll impeach Trump

Need some cash and have some dirt on Donald Trump? You might want to talk to Hustler founder Larry Flynt. The adult magazine mogul is offering $10 million “for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office” of the president. SEE ALSO: Sports teams are deserting Trump’s hotels, and it’s hitting his wallet hard The full-page ad was published in the Washington Post on Sunday, complete with a toll-free hotline and an email address for readers to send their tips to. So I decided to do this…let’s see what happenspic.twitter.com/Xpy4qrwHU7 — Larry Flynt (@ImLarryFlynt) October 15, 2017 Read more… More about Politics, Donald Trump, Trump, Larry Flynt, and Culture

‘Breaking Bad’ fans have been throwing so much pizza on Walter White’s house the owner is putting up a fence

And you thought the Rick and Morty fandom were bad. SEE ALSO: Why ‘Rick and Morty’ is the realest show on TV right now You may recall from the halcyon days of Breaking Bad that Walter White, seized by familial frustration, threw a pizza onto the roof of his house. Image: AMc/giphyThis happened in episode 2 of Season 3, and went out in March 2010. Well, turns out Breaking Bad fans are slow to forget. The real residents at the White family house told KOB that they are erecting a 6-foot-high wrought iron fence around the house to keep out unruly fans who come to, among other things, throw a commemorative pizza on the roof.  Read more…More about Pizza, Breaking Bad, Walter White, Culture, and Web Culture

‘SNL’ creeps on O.J. Simpson’s hilarious first post-prison date

O.J. Simpson just got out of IRL prison and Saturday Night Live’s writers want to know: What’s it like for the convicted felon and acquitted murder suspect to be single and dating again? He lies! A lot. In dating apps and in person. Of course he does. He’s the Juice, and the Juice is loose once again. Read more… More about Entertainment, Tv, Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot, and Kenan Thompson

PSA: Instagram polls are NOT anonymous

In the latest update for Instagram, the app rolled out a polling feature in its Snapchat clone, which allows a user to ask their followers to vote between two choices. While polls aren’t groundbreaking on social media, (Twitter rolled out polls in 2015), there is one thing different about Instagram polls that you should probably know before you vote your heart out: They are not anonymous. SEE ALSO: Woman Instagrams her catcallers to prove an important point Image: bkurbsYes, for reasons unknown, Instagram decided to make the results of the poll visible to the person who ran it, which is somewhat of a breakaway from what you would expect on an internet poll. While it’s nice to see how your followers may truly feel, you would have no idea that polls are not anonymous unless you ran one and checked for yourself.  Read more…More about Instagram, Social Media, Polls, Instgram Stories, and Culture