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4 Tips for Getting Press Coverage

At small businesses both old and new, many hats are worn behind the scenes. Press outreach is handled by an owner or manager rather than being outsourced to an experienced firm. To complicate things, PR strategies vary based on location and industry — choosing the best media outlet to approach is just half the battle. It’s no surprise many small businesses find themselves in the dark But, getting press has powerful potential — the chance to get your product or service in front of people who may not only like it, but need it. Being coy with your offerings isn’t only bad for business; it’s unfair to people in your market who may be hoping to find something just like you Read more…More about Pr, Small Business, Press, Pitching, and Business

Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network

Current wireless networks have a problem: The more popular they become, the slower they are. Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai have just become the latest to demonstrate a technology that transmits data as light instead of radio waves, which gets around the congestion issue and could be 10 times faster than traditional Wi-Fi. In dense urban areas, the range within which Wi-Fi signals are transmitted is increasingly crowded with noise — mostly, other Wi-Fi signals. What’s more, the physics of electromagnetic waves sets an upper limit to the bandwidth of traditional Wi-Fi. The short version: you can only transmit so much data at a given frequency. The lower the frequency of the wave, the less it can transmit. Read more…More about Technology, Wi Fi, Wireless, Energy, and Tech

Content Marketing Crossing the Chasm to TV and Radio by @johnrampton

James P. Mahon is a CBS affiliate news reporter based in Tennessee. He has previously worked in Knoxville, New York City, Los Angeles, the UK, and Ireland, both in broadcast and web journalism. His previous marketing experience includes positions in hospitality, nightlife, and education software. He is currently one of only a handful of Irish […]Author informationJohn RamptonManaging Editor John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, PPC guru at Maple North and founder at PPC.org.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post Content Marketing Crossing the Chasm to TV and Radio by @johnrampton appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

What Are The 4 H’s of SEO? by @tbrodbeck

We have now entered the month of July and that means it is time for county 4-H fairs! If you didn’t grow up in a 4-H family and don’t have the 4-H creed memorized by heart, the four “H’s” in 4-H stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.  Let’s see how these four “H’s” can […]Author informationThomas BrodbeckTom Brodbeck is an SEO Consultant and Social Media Manager for Site Strategics. He has passion to help provide clients with strategic and successfull web solutions for their internet marketing campaigns. He is also a regular contributor to Edge of the Web Radio. With links to our radio show :http://edgeofthewebradio.com/ and Site Strategics: http://www.sitestrategics.com/TwitterGoogle+LinkedInThe post What Are The 4 H’s of SEO? by @tbrodbeck appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

5 Marketing Tips from NASCAR

NASCAR, also known as the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is loved by many people from all over the world. Their races are broadcast in over 150 different countries and are ranked second when talking about television ratings among professional sports in the U.S., being right behind the National Football League. NASCAR is Author informationTom JonesTom writes for www.valuator.com.au – click here to learn more about what your website may be worth and what it may fetch when selling.The post 5 Marketing Tips from NASCAR appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Study: Car Infotainment a Looming Public Safety Crisis

Just as Apple starts bringing a special version of Siri into cars, an AAA study throws a bucket of cold water on the next step in “safe infotainment” for the latest vehicles. The study found that of all the typical in-car activities studied, speech-to-text systems were “the most cognitively distracting.” The study results were expressed in workload ratings, where a baseline number of 1.0 was assigned to a single driver without any distractions inside the car. Listening to the radio was rated 1.21, having a passenger in the car, 2.33, and talking on a cellphone, 2.45 (with hands-free cellphone use rated at 2.27). Most dangerous was listening and responding to email using speech-to-text, garnering a 3.06 rating on the cognitive distraction scale. Read more…More about Cars, Study, Tech, Us, and Distracted Driving

What Radio Taught Me About Content Creation

Content marketing for the Internet and content marketing for radio follow the same rules. I know this because before I wore the uniform of a plain black t-shirt and jeans of an Internet marketer, you found me in a Hawaiian shirt as a whacky morning radio shock jock. Every morning for 6 years I got Author informationAdam LundquistAdam Lundquist is the CEO of Nerds Do It Better a Philadelphia based digital marketing company. He has held a variety of positions including the Director of Digital Marketing for Digital Operative. He thinks that he is hilarious, but his mom always tells him that Steve Martin is way funnier.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post What Radio Taught Me About Content Creation appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Thanksgiving Eve’s Coolest Black Friday Graphics

Sometime late tomorrow, after the football games and a billion pounds of turkey get consumed, 300 million people will once again start the holiday season. Later in the day, while mom and mom-in-law pillage the Thanksgiving Day sales,  dad and dad-in-law will nap on the couch, eyelids fluttering in between TV shows and insulin induced The post Thanksgiving Eve’s Coolest Black Friday Graphics appeared first on Search Engine Journal.