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Random Aussie quickly learns why you shouldn’t heckle a police officer on camera

Heckling a police officer is never a good idea. But doing it in front of a pack of press? Now you’re really asking for a trouble.  An unknown Australian man (beer bottle in hand) learnt that the hard way when he shouted “BULLSHIT!” during an unnamed officer’s address to reporters in Albury earlier this week, as per a video uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday by Prime7 News Border. SEE ALSO: Reporter learns why you shouldn’t let random Aussies speak on live TV Unfazed, the police officer excused himself quickly upon hearing the heckle. He stopped the press conference, confronting the man and telling him to put down his beer bottle.  Read more…More about Video, Videos, Police Officer, Police, and Australia

UK prime minister wants to ban encrypted messaging apps like Snapchat

If reelected, British Prime Minister David Cameron would consider banning messaging apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp, if they don’t make their data available to intelligence agencies, he said Monday. Cameron, who is campaigning for reelection, cited the recent Paris terror attacks in his remarks which were aimed at messaging apps that encrypt messages to secure users’ communications. See also: David Cameron Loses Himself in Eminem Rap These apps, he said, provide “safe spaces” for terrorists to communicate and make their users’ data inaccessible to intelligence agencies and government officials even if they have a signed warrant. Read more…More about Tech, David Cameron, Apps Software, Us World, and World

You can now use Amazon Prime to buy stuff that’s not on Amazon

If Amazon hasn’t already hooked you for Prime membership with free two-day shipping and video streaming, now there’s another bonus: You can get free shipping on other sites, too. The online retail giant took a baby step in that direction by offering free next-day shipping for British retailer AllSaints. Amazon and AllSaints announced the deal at the Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday See also: 5 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience “I can see a day when Prime members will have access to sneak previews and first chance to shop our new collections,” Rich Ascott, AllSaints’ global digital director, said at the event. “What this means for AllSaints is that we can leverage Amazon’s payments expertise and global reach to introduce new customers to AllSaints by providing a better buying experience.” Read more…More about Retail, Amazon Prime, Business, and Marketing