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New Zealand could actually be too good at rugby, and that’s a problem

Another year, and another painful, crushing defeat for Australia at the hands of New Zealand’s rugby team. But in this sport, being too good has become something of a worry. SEE ALSO: Fiji’s rugby sevens coach given land and chief’s name as Olympic ‘thank you’ Kiwis have always been amongst the strongest competitors in the game of rugby union and their national team, the All Blacks, are the world’s current number one. They’ve taken out the Bledisloe Cup for the fourteenth year straight. The last five years (bar 2014) have also seen New Zealand teams become champions in “super rugby,” the highest level of club competition in the southern hemisphere.  Read more…More about Super Rugby, Rugby Union, Rugby, South Africa, and New Zealand

It is 2016. Someone tell the Olympics.

Someone needs to tell the International Olympic Committee about the world today. Tell it about the internet, social media, globalization and that the way we watch sports has changed.  The Olympics is a global sporting event but the International (International!) Olympic Committee (IOC) seems intent on making it an affair you have to suffer through alone on your couch with all the excitement drained out and stomped on. This isn’t a new problem (we’ve been complaining about it since 2012), but in 2016, it is time to get with the program.  SEE ALSO: Brazilian fans get gold medal in booing Separately, the network which has the digital and broadcast rights to the Olympics in the U.S., NBC, has joined forces with the IOC to kill all social media fun, delay viewing for primetime and try to force people to play along with its ratings game.  Read more…More about Twitter, Social Media, Olympics, Rio Olympics, and Entertainment

Louisiana residents make best of ‘historic’ flood on social media

Heavy rains forced at least a thousand rescues and caused three deaths across Louisiana over the weekend as the state experienced what Gov. John Bel Edwards called “historic” floods.  SEE ALSO: Dramatic video shows woman and her dog being rescued from sinking car Beginning Friday, 6 to 10 inches of rain fell on parts of Louisiana and several more inches of rain fell on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service, with one area reporting as much as 17 inches of rain.  Despite the dire circumstances, some Louisiana residents used social media to share some of the lighter moments from the past few days. Many people took comfort in the presence of their animal friends.  Read more…More about Social Media, Louisiana Flood, Louisiana, Flooding, and Flood

Katie Ledecky becomes first woman since ’68 to win 200-, 400- and 800-meter freestyle

Katie Ledecky went to sleep late the night before her 800-meter freestyle final, waiting on roommate and fellow gold medal-winner Simone Manuel to get back to their room so Ledecky could congratulate her on a 100-meter freestyle win.  But the late night hardly seemed to bother the swimming star in her final gold medal race of the 2016 Olympics. She again made it clear that she is unquestionably the best 800-meter freestyler in the world.  SEE ALSO: The moment we witnessed just how fast Katie Ledecky really is Ledecky’s third individual freestyle gold made her the first woman to win the 200-, 400- and 800-meter freestyle races since American Debbie Meyer accomplished the  feat in 1968 at the Games in Mexico City.  Read more…More about Freestyle, 200, 400, 800, and Swimming

The Knicks’ atrocious season, epitomized in one dark Vine

The New York Knicks are so bad this season that the New York Times — the Times! — temporarily removed its beat writer from normal duties so he could travel the country to write about people who actually know how to play basketball The Knicks won’t even reach 20 wins this season, which will be an embarrassing first for one of the NBA’s most storied franchises. Now, praise the basketball gods, we have the perfect Vine to sum up the most imperfect Knicks season See also: Stephen Curry is the NBA’s most Vine-worthy star Late in the first quarter of Wednesday night’s 102-86 loss to the Indiana Pacers, forward Cole Aldrich leapt for a defensive rebound. With no Pacers to challenge him for the ball, Aldrich extended both arms, reached his hands high into the air — and tipped the ball into the Knicks’ own basket to score two points for Indiana Read more…More about Nba, Entertainment, Sports, and Knicks

ESPN’s adorable toddler analysts explain college football

Maybe ESPN should just have toddlers on all of its shows The promo video, above, features a panel of miniature humans discussing important college-football topics in their adorable miniature-human voices. It’s so crazy — and cute — that it just might work. See also: LeBron James can’t breathe: A sports superstar finds his voice “Good insights, here, from our brightest minds here at ESPN,” the adult host signs off If you’ve spent too much time watching Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith, you know he just might be right about that BONUS: 25 of YouTube’s Funniest Sports Fails Read more… More about College Sports, Entertainment, Videos, Sports, and Watercooler

Shaun White, Snowboarders Go for Gold on ‘Crappy’ Halfpipe

When Shaun White dropped out of the Winter Olympics’ first ever snowboard slopestyle competition last week, a modest controversy began after other riders criticized his late cancellation as selfish and inconsiderate But it turns out that won’t be the most interesting subplot of Tuesday’s men’s snowboard halfpipe final. When two-time gold medalist White takes center stage during the men’s halfpipe final at 12:30 p.m. ET, he’ll do so on a halfpipe Olympians have blasted this week as shoddily built, dangerous and generally “crappy.” See also: Shaun White’s Olympic Slopestyle Exit: Prudent or Selfish? Read more…More about Olympics, Entertainment, Sports, Sochi, and Shaun White

Team USA Wants You to Give Olympians a ‘Digital Sendoff’

Uncle Sam wants you for a very important mission: Seeing American Olympians off to the Winter Olympics with plenty of good vibes, as part of Team USA’s “digital sendoff” this Thursday The idea is to amass an outpouring of well-wishes via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ for the athletes who will represent the United States in Sochi, Russia, beginning Feb. 7. In return, many of those athletes will interact with fans via online chats and video hangouts See also: The Olympics’ Social Media Secret Weapon The sendoff runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET on Jan. 23 Team USA’s Twitter account will feature question-and-answer sessions with luger Erin Hamlin, skeleton athlete John Daly and bobsledders Steve Langton and Jamie Greubel from 12 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. ET. Figure skating siblings Maia and Alex Shibutani will take over from 2 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Then, from 3:30 p.m to 3:45 p.m., it’ll be skiers Devin Logan and Nick Goepper Read more…More about Olympics, Entertainment, and Sports

Astronaut Uses Single Strand of Hair to Move Around in Zero Gravity

It doesn’t take much of a push to get around in space, as NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg recently demonstrated aboard the International Space Station. In a video to describe the effects of weightlessness, Nyberg used a single strand of her own hair to propel herself, tumbling slowly backward after pushing off a blue handrail on the orbiting lab. The brief experiment, which NASA posted online last week, was inspired by a conversation fellow astronaut Cady Coleman had with Sandra Bullock, star of the blockbuster space thriller Gravity. Coleman helped Bullock prepare for her role as an astronaut in the film, which opened Oct. 4. Bullock said she was particularly struck by Coleman’s description of how effortlessly spaceflyers can float around the orbiting lab. Read more…More about Space, Nasa, Science, Gravity, and Astronaut

Watch This Unbelievable Trick Shot From Over 300 Feet Up

What do you get when you throw a basketball off of a Dutch observation tower, and through a hoop located on the ground more than 300 feet below you? An apparent world record, that’s what Australian trick shot YouTube masters How Ridiculous traveled to Rotterdam to climb the Euromast building, and complete the feat, as proved in the video, above. They claim it’s a new world record, besting their old mark of a measly 223 feet. See also: Is This the Funniest Photo in Baseball History? As you’ll see in the video, it’s a very cool — if meaningless — thing to pull off. The YouTube clip has become a hit, too, with more than 330,000 views after two days online. The from-the-ground camera angles are particularly wild. How Ridiculous says it took 62 tries to make the magic moment happen, which is actually an impressively low amount Read more…More about Entertainment, Videos, Sports, and Watercooler