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Say hello to Google Home Max, a giant, super-powered smart speaker

Google is introducing a new member to the Home family: Google Home Max. At the company’s hardware event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Google revealed the high-end new speakers that will fill entire rooms with personalized sound. SEE ALSO: How to watch Google’s Pixel 2 event Max is comprised of two 4.5 inch high-excursion woofers, which  spread sound throughout large spaces.  The speaker is said to be 20 times more powerful than Google Home, which is pretty darn impressive, and uses Smart Sound to adapt to you and your personal preferences such as lowering volume in the morning or raising it when it’s harder to hear, such as when a dishwasher is running. Read more…More about Tech, Google, Conversations, Google Home, and Google Home Max

Smartphone prices are about to get insane

For about the last decade, if you walked into any phone store, you could reasonably expect to pay about $200 for a brand new iPhone — but those days are all but over.  The iPhone 8, which is expected to launch at a special media event on Sept. 12, is widely forecast to have a starting cost somewhere between $1,000 and $1,200 — or a little shy of double the starting price of the current iPhone 7 ($649). SEE ALSO: The Apple event invite TOTALLY contains hidden iPhone 8 secrets Perhaps even more shocking is that Apple isn’t alone in increasing costs. Samsung is also cranking up the price on its newer phones, starting with the Galaxy Note 8 that launched last month at a price of $930 for an unlocked 64GB version. Read more…More about Apple, Samsung, Smartphones, Cost, and Price