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5 Internet-inspired cross stitch patterns to meme your home

Internet memes shall never truly die, especially when they are immortalized in thread. Finding craft and home decor inspiration is easy, because you can find it literally anywhere. Just think about the thing that makes you happy — and what makes us happier than the Internet? SEE ALSO: How to make a personalized lemonade pitcher, inspired by Beyonc There are a ton of things you can do to pay homage to your favorite medium, but there’s nothing more wholesome and satisfying than finishing a nice cross stitch. Here are some basic materials you will need to get started: Image: tyler essary/mashable Read more… More about Conversations, Pics, Home Decor, Funny, and Watercooler

SantaCon warns NYC revelers to be nice not naughty

NEW YORK — You’d better watch out. You’d better not fight. Better not be a lout. And SantaCon’s telling you why. The annual holiday flash-mob-meets-pub-crawl is reining itself in for Saturday’s New York City festivities, which fall on the same day as a planned protest over killings by police. SantaCon organizers have retained a noted civil-rights lawyer to advise on the do’s and don’ts of public gatherings, and leaders met with police Friday. Expressing respect for the demonstration, they’re instructing participants to stick to bars that welcome them and party inside instead of on the streets. Read more…More about Protest, Us World, Us, and Santacon

Take a Mobile Scavegener Hunt Tour, Created by Locals

Who knows your neighborhood best? Think about it. One key to diving into a new destination is access to the lesser-knowns and unknowns — the spots most tourists miss If you’re with an insider — someone who knows a place like back of his or her hand — then you’re in the game for a great slice, or to find the bars that can boast the most mind-bending mixologists, and maybe also for the little corners of quirk and historical curiosity that the rest of the crowd won’t find Stray Boots thinks they can give everyone a lead on just that kind of advantage — right from the screen of their smartphones. Read more…More about User Generated, Contributors, Tourism, Apps Software, and Mobile

Li-Fi Turns Every Lightbulb Into an Ultra-Fast Wireless Network

Current wireless networks have a problem: The more popular they become, the slower they are. Researchers at Fudan University in Shanghai have just become the latest to demonstrate a technology that transmits data as light instead of radio waves, which gets around the congestion issue and could be 10 times faster than traditional Wi-Fi. In dense urban areas, the range within which Wi-Fi signals are transmitted is increasingly crowded with noise — mostly, other Wi-Fi signals. What’s more, the physics of electromagnetic waves sets an upper limit to the bandwidth of traditional Wi-Fi. The short version: you can only transmit so much data at a given frequency. The lower the frequency of the wave, the less it can transmit. Read more…More about Technology, Wi Fi, Wireless, Energy, and Tech

How Dynamic Search Ads Can Take Over Your AdWords Account With Devastating Effects

Dynamic Search Ads were recently added to all AdWords advertisers’ accounts. This nicely collided with me restarting the management of an old client of mine who had wanted to manage their AdWords campaigns in-house for a while. This advertiser has had access to Dynamic Search Ads for quite some time and starting a DSA campaign had great potential to Author informationAndrew LolkThe post How Dynamic Search Ads Can Take Over Your AdWords Account With Devastating Effects appeared first on Search Engine Journal.