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TrueFace.AI busts facial recognition imposters

Facial recognition technology is more prevalent than ever before. It’s being used to identify people in airports, put a stop to child sex trafficking, and shame jaywalkers.  But the technology isn’t perfect. One major flaw: It sometimes can’t tell the difference between a living person’s face and a photo of that person held up in front of a scanner.  SEE ALSO: Facial recognition technology is taking over airports: Your face is your new boarding pass TrueFace.AI facial recognition is trying to fix that flaw. Launched on Product Hunt in June, it’s meant to detect “picture attacks.” The company originally created Chui in 2014 to work with customized smart homes. Then they realized clients were using it more for security purposes, and TrueFace.AI was born.  Read more…More about Tech, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, and Ai

55% Say AI Will Take Over SEO in Next 10 Years [SURVEY] by @rinadianewrites

Famous futurist Elon Musk said artificial intelligence will eventually replace most jobs and that to stay relevant, humans must merge with machines in this AI age. Given that AI is the future, when will it take over SEO? Check out what our SEJ community had to say.The post 55% Say AI Will Take Over SEO in Next 10 Years [SURVEY] by @rinadianewrites appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Apple reportedly acquires AI startup Turi in what may be an effort to boost Siri

Apple has planted a new flag in Seattle. The California tech giant acquired Turi, an artificial intelligence and machine learning startup, GeekWire reported Friday. Turi provides tools for app developers and data scientists, including a machine learning platform, sentiment analysis tools and other big data learning algorithms.  GeekWire predicted that such technologies could be useful in Apple’s efforts to improve Siri. The personal assistant technology was only recently introduced into the Mac operating system.  Apple did not confirm the acquisition in a request for comment.  “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” an Apple spokesperson told Mashable.  Read more…More about Artificial Intelligence, Business, and Apple

Just do it: The DIYers building a new golden age for zines

LONDON — “Here’s a pen, and some paper, and a typewriter, now start your zine.” These were the instructions given to readers on the back cover of Counter Intelligence, a catalogue of self-published print creations from 1995. More than two decades on, Hamja Ahsan, curator of DIY Cultures—a fair celebrating the spirit of “doing it yourself” — is giving people the same advice when it comes to zines,miniature magazines typically focusing on subjects not covered in mainstream media. Image: Charlie mockIt’s a simple call to arms, but one that continues to inspire creatives from all walks of life. Read more… More about London, Uk, Publishing, Zines, and Magazines

Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve #SEO by @scott_stouffer

I recently wrote about how to statistically model any given set of search results, which I hope gives marketing professionals a glimpse into how rapidly the SEO industry is currently changing in 2015. In that article, I had mentioned that the search engine model should be able to “self-calibrate”, or take its algorithms and weightings of those algorithms, and correlate the modeled data against real-world data from public search engines, to find a precise search engine modeling of any environment. But taking thousands of parameters and trying to find the best combination of those that can curve fit search engine […]The post Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve #SEO by @scott_stouffer appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The Evolution of Digital Media Buying & Omni-Channel Personalization by @teedubya

Who you partner with in business can make or break your future—and LiveRamp has a knack for teaming up with only the best. The latest dynamic duo is LiveRamp + Ensighten. Together, these companies are offering 1:1 personalization solutions complemented with simple integration. From 2007-2008 I had an unfunded start-up called Adiqus which focused on Advertising Intelligence, so I’ve spent a ton of time thinking about how to make advertising work better. Finally, after seven years, we are at the point where advertising is truly intelligent. This partnership is the most exciting marketing/advertising breakthrough, possibly ever. If your company has a huge budget for […]The post The Evolution of Digital Media Buying & Omni-Channel Personalization by @teedubya appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

ISIL Threatens Popular Comic Book Creator

For the radical Islamist terrorist group known as the Islamic State, social media is for propaganda, spreading fear, threatening the U.Swith hashtags — and now, calling for the death of a popular comic book author Accounts associated with the Islamic State (also known as ISIL or ISIS) issued a call to kill author Naif Al-Mutawa, the creator of the popular Islam-inspired comic book series The 99, in early July. The series of tweets was first reported by the Kuwait Times See also: U.S. Intelligence Officials Want ISIL Fighters to Keep Tweeting “Whoever finds him, kill him, and he will be rewarded,” read one of the Tweets, according to the report. “There is no good in us if he remains alive for over three days,” read another Read more…More about Terrorism, Iraq, Comic Books, Isis, and Us World

Taking Control of the Search Market with Competitive Intelligence by @Dorrrro

In the real estate business, it is common to use long tail keywords in SEO and AdWords campaign optimization. But it says a lot when a real estate portal website manages to be among the top five in their search category with head keywords in less than a year. It’s not hard to invest a lot of money in AdWords, if you have deep pockets, but to manage a move like that with a balanced visibility of paid and organic is tricky in any industry. Boligportal.dk, a real estate portal in Denmark, has managed to move into the Homes & Apartments […] The post Taking Control of the Search Market with Competitive Intelligence by @Dorrrro appeared first on Search Engine Journal.