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TrueFace.AI busts facial recognition imposters

Facial recognition technology is more prevalent than ever before. It’s being used to identify people in airports, put a stop to child sex trafficking, and shame jaywalkers.  But the technology isn’t perfect. One major flaw: It sometimes can’t tell the difference between a living person’s face and a photo of that person held up in front of a scanner.  SEE ALSO: Facial recognition technology is taking over airports: Your face is your new boarding pass TrueFace.AI facial recognition is trying to fix that flaw. Launched on Product Hunt in June, it’s meant to detect “picture attacks.” The company originally created Chui in 2014 to work with customized smart homes. Then they realized clients were using it more for security purposes, and TrueFace.AI was born.  Read more…More about Tech, Security, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, and Ai

Cadillac tech ‘talks’ to traffic lights so you don’t run them

Cadillac’s cars are getting even chattier.  Now they can “talk” to traffic lights to let drivers know when the light is going to turn red, a feature meant to cut down on dangerous last-minute decisions. Cadillac announced this week that it successfully tested the technology, called vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.  The V2I test comes after the luxury automaker rolled out a feature to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication back in March, which made its 2017 CTS sedan the first car on the market with the ability to “talk” to other enabled vehicles in its vicinity by sending data about road conditions back and forth through a connected system.  Read more…More about Traffic Lights, Cadillac, Infrastructure, Connected Car, and Vehicle To Vehicle

Next Stop Singapore

Paid Content bySingapore Tourism BoardIt started like any other day with a simple swipe of a ride-sharing appBut at the end of it, Bay Area residents found themselves with all-expense paid trips to Singapore after a Lyft ride of a lifetime. Needless to say, there were quite a few happy, shocked (and to us, plain entertaining) reactions. Check out the video below to see the action:Natives of Silicon Valley know all about innovation. In fact, they live, eat, sleep and breathe it.So they already know that a huge part of an innovative mindset is a globally focused, culturally diverse skill set – and that traveling to other innovation-driven destinations to witness firsthand how the rest of the world embraces technology, sustainability, architecture, arts and culture, is crucial for a competitive edge. Read more…More about Lyft, Trivia, San Francisco Bay Area, San Francisco, and Traveling

6 Strategies For Transitioning From a Corporate Role to Startup Culture

Fed up with your job? You’re not alone. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.8 million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs this past March See also: 10 Hiring Tips for Your Small Business While not all of those employees ditched their corporate gig for a position at a startup, that route is becoming increasingly popular for job seekers who covet flexibility, autonomy and a more vibrant company culture, career and hiring, experts say. “Anyone working in a corporate gig should reset the way they look at their career and say, ‘I can spend the meaningful chunk of my life at a place I enjoy, have a real impact and be reimbursed for it,’ ” says Tarek Pertew, cofounder of Wakefield Media, an online magazine about startups that also runs the Uncubed conference. Read more…More about Hiring, Company Culture, Job Search Series, Business, and Jobs

Harvard-Backed Experfy Aims to Disrupt the Big Data Consulting Industry

Big data may be the next big thing, and as with many such trends, the field presents a new frontier for the job marketplace. Entrepreneurs Harpreet Singh and Sarabjot Kaur recognize this potential, and aim to capitalize on the increasing demand for data specialists with Experfy, an online platform bootstrapped out of the Harvard Innovation Lab. The Experfy team aspires to disrupt the rapidly growing big data consulting sector by creating a marketplace for qualified professionals (primarily freelancers and contractors), vendor companies and enterprises. Read more… Filling a gap in the big data job marketplaceMore about Job Search Series, Business, and Jobs

6 Big Winners of the Inaugural YouTube Music Awards

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation benefitted from YouTube’s social voting process for the first-ever YouTube Music Awards, winning Video of the Year over such music heavyweights as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and One Direction. “It still feels surreal,” Tiffany of Girls’ Generation told media Sunday when asked how it felt to have the group’s “I Got a Boy” beat Lady Gaga’s “Applause” video. “She was sitting right in front of me. I personally loved her video.” See also: How Spotify Engineered the New Music Economy Unlike other awards shows, YouTube bypassed the entertainment experts who normally choose nominees, opting to determine nominees based on musicians’ YouTube stats, including video views, Likes, comments and channel subscriptions. Then, the winners were decided by share counts for each artist’s nomination video on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which essentially showcased which fan bases were the most dedicated. Read more…More about Youtube, Music, Entertainment, Eminem, and Video