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PSA: Instagram polls are NOT anonymous

In the latest update for Instagram, the app rolled out a polling feature in its Snapchat clone, which allows a user to ask their followers to vote between two choices. While polls aren’t groundbreaking on social media, (Twitter rolled out polls in 2015), there is one thing different about Instagram polls that you should probably know before you vote your heart out: They are not anonymous. SEE ALSO: Woman Instagrams her catcallers to prove an important point Image: bkurbsYes, for reasons unknown, Instagram decided to make the results of the poll visible to the person who ran it, which is somewhat of a breakaway from what you would expect on an internet poll. While it’s nice to see how your followers may truly feel, you would have no idea that polls are not anonymous unless you ran one and checked for yourself.  Read more…More about Instagram, Social Media, Polls, Instgram Stories, and Culture

Let’s not kid ourselves, Ed Sheeran on ‘Game of Thrones’ was silly AF

Hey cool kids, this post has spoilers for Season 7, episode one. So, like, don’t read unless you’ve watched. Duh.  You know when you’re watching your favorite high fantasy television show and then this mega famous pop star just shows up in a scene and rips you out of the episode? That was the feeling of many Game of Thrones fans when Ed Sheeran, of all people, sat in the woods singing a supposedly-Westeros-y song as Arya Stark rode by on her horse. And of course she dismounted, and of course there was a little bonding scene between her and the English pop star.  Image: hboSEE ALSO: These are the 5 most savage ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes so far Read more…More about Watercooler, Culture, Game Of Thrones, Ed Sheeran, and Jokes

13 of the best Stephen King short stories you’ve never read

I haven’t managed to read all of Stephen King’s novels yet — I’m still working on that — but I have read all of his short stories. All of the published ones, anyway. While many authors release a collection or two early on and then switch their focus to novels, King has written short fiction throughout his epic 50-year career. SEE ALSO: 7 terrifying scenes from Stephen King’s ‘It’ we badly hope are in the movie At the time of writing he has well over 100 short stories published across six different collections (and that’s before you even get started on his novellas, which definitely warrant a separate post of their own). Read more…More about Books, Horror, Scary, Stephen King, and Short Stories

Please stop driving into this house, it’s had 48 cars crash into it in 2016 alone

The first thing you see at this house is a huge yellow banner with the Chinese character for “slow.” That’s because 48 cars and trucks barrelled into the family’s front yard last year alone. SEE ALSO: Tesla’s going to record video of your drives to perfect its Autopilot system According to a report by the Beijing Youth Daily, the house in Heilongjiang, northern China, is situated by a road leading to a highway. The house is by a 90-degree angled junction, so cars can’t slow down in time when taking the turn after the highway — and end up crashing through the house’s fencing. Image: Beijing Youth Daily/Weibo Read more…More about China and World

Watch a building get demolished with no warning, sending people running for cover

People had to duck for cover when this 31-year-old building was demolished seemingly without warning. The Zhonglian building in Changzhou, a city in east China, was torn down on Apr. 25 to make way for an upcoming subway line. SEE ALSO: China is weighing dust on streets to determine if the cleaners did a good enough job According to reports by the Yangtse Evening Post, traffic lights for the street facing the building turned red a minute before the 12-storey building collapsed. The city reportedly closed nearby facilities like kindergartens and worksites before the demolition occurred, but some passers-by were not clued in. Read more…More about China and World