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Tom Cruise’s fake butt is the internet’s newest conspiracy theory

Anyone remember the 2008 film Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise?  Probably not a question you expected to be asked today of all days…in 2017. But the film, which takes place during World War II, has made it’s way back into the cultural dialogue — and not because of anything happening in politics. No, no. It has everything to do with Tom Cruise’s booty in a single shot of the film.  Intrigued? We thought so.  SEE ALSO: ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ shoot faces significant delay while Tom Cruise recovers from stunt injury So, here it is. The original tweet, by the appropriately named @iluvbutts247, that got the internet thinking: Read more…More about Watercooler, Twitter, Movies, Funny, and Reddit

42 bizarre and hilarious Liam Gallagher tweets to improve your day

If you ever find yourself with a bit of time to kill, Liam Gallagher’s Twitter feed is a brilliant place to do it. You never know what you’ll find. It could be a cheerful snatch of song lyrics, an angry diatribe aimed at the press or the music industry or humankind in general, or — more likely than any of those other options — a sweary and confusing rant about his brother Noel. SEE ALSO: 69 times James Blunt was laugh-out-loud funny on Twitter From potato comparisons to rants about “HARIBOS”, we’ve rounded up the former Oasis frontman’s greatest tweets of all-time. Read more… 1. This cheerful start to the day.More about Twitter, Uk, Funny, Tweets, and Oasis

Watch the weird new trailer for Oculus’ first full-length VR movie

Virtual reality company Oculus on Thursday released a trippy trailer for its first full-length film, and you won’t want to miss it.  SEE ALSO: This is how Mark Zuckerberg’s Oculus VR gloves actually work The film, called Miyubi, takes the viewer through a series of strange events as you follow the life of a 1982 suburban family in America. And you’re not just watching the movie passively. Oculus financed the movie and worked with production studios Felix and Paul Studios and Funny or Die, who set it up so that viewers are a part of the action. Your character isn’t another human watching from the outside either — you’re a Japanese toy robot from the ’80s named Miyubi. Read more…More about Facebook, Technology, Virtual Reality, Vr, and Oculus

Apple’s new ads are a million miles from ‘I’m a Mac and I’m a PC’

Clever and funny are out. Short and obvious are in. Watching Apple’s new collection of Switch Ads, I was instantly nostalgic for the company’s iconic “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads that introduced us to the wit and comic-timing of John Hodgman and lovable knowingness of Justin Long. In those ads, they were affable counterparts in the computing spectrum. Hodgman personified the buttoned-down nature of the Windows PC industry and user—as well as every issue the pre-Windows 10 PC had—while Long was the cool Mac, impervious to Windows viruses and honestly concerned for the well-being of his beleaguered friend. Read more…More about Tech, Apple, Mac, and Tech

This ‘Game of Thrones’ compilation of Tyrion’s best one-liners is glorious

Tyrion Lannister may be highly adept at drinking and knowing things, but he’s also capable of delivering a mean one-liner. SEE ALSO: ‘Game of Thrones’ creators reveal final season’s episode run and we’re devastated From memorable speeches about his childhood to blunt shut-downs, Sky Atlantic’s above compilation will at the very least kill 80 seconds of the long, long wait until July. Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on 17 July. Season 1-6 are available on Sky Box Sets and online streaming service NOW TV, from 1 May. Read more… More about Uk, Hbo, Sky Atlantic, Funny, and One Liners

Ed Sheeran’s tweet about his new GQ cover is classic Ed Sheeran

LONDON — Just because you’re voted the “worst dressed man of the year” by a magazine doesn’t mean you won’t one day end up on the cover. SEE ALSO: Improve your day and watch Ed Sheeran cover ‘Fresh Prince’ theme Ed Sheeran is a shining example of this.  He may have earned the dubious title of “worst dressed man of 2012” by GQ magazine, but now — five years later — he’s got this to celebrate: Thanks @BritishGQ for the cover x A photo posted by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on Jan 26, 2017 at 1:51pm PST Sheeran shared the cover on his Instagram and Twitter, then followed it up with this sassy tweet: Read more…More about Uk, Tweets, Funny, Twitter, and Gq Magazine

James Corden and Niall Horan star in hilariously sexual Halloween music video

You probably never thought you’d witness a member of One Direction dressed in a vampire outfit and devouring a Kit Kat straight from the cupped palms of James Corden, but this is the world we live in. SEE ALSO: Niall Horan, Ewan McGregor, Isla Fisher play a horrifying game with James Corden In the video above, Corden and Niall Horan don an array of costumes for a highly sexualised Halloween music video parody of Ginuwine’s “Pony”. Needless to say, there are a fair few lollipops that get licked. This Diwali ad challenges stereotypes about what a thug looks like New Zealand police back at it again with the epic dancing for Diwali It’s Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton in ‘Epic Rap Battles of History’ This guy dropped his phone in the most disgusting toilet Read more… More about Uk, Parody, Music Video, Funny, and Halloween

Burning Man meets VidCon in Funny or Die’s go90 series ‘Tween Fest’

LOS ANGELES — What would happen if  Burning Man and VidCon merged into one festival?  That’s the premise behind Funny or Die’s latest series Tween Fest, developed from a popular Upgrade Citizens Brigade (UCB) sketch show in Los Angeles. (Mashable debuts an exclusive clip of the latest episode above). “When we wrote Tween Fest as a live show, we never intended for it to be anything more than that,” co-creators and UCB-ers Nick Ciarelli and Brad Evans told Mashable in an email interview. “We just wanted to make a sketch show starring our friend Tar, but the show wound up going well.” It went so well, in fact, that Funny or Die’s Mike Farah and Joe Ferrell saw the live show, met with with the duo and immediately greenlit a series. Read more…More about Go90, Digital Video, Tweenfest, Funny Or Die, and Online Video