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This seal delightedly hugging a toy version of itself is your new wallpaper

There are few things cuter than a seal — except perhaps for one hugging a plushie version of itself. This seal at Mombetsu Land, an attraction in Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture, was handed a soft toy seal by zoo staff.  SEE ALSO: Baby panda just wants to cling onto his keeper and follow him everywhere It was clearly love at first sight for the seal, who even let its furry new companion go for a ride on its back. Image: MOMBETSU LAND/TWITTER Image: mombetsu land/twitterAnd we’re clearly not the only ones who are swooning. The tweet by Mombetsu Land has gone on to be shared some 24,000 times. アザラシがアザラシを抱っこ&おんぶしてみました☺️あぐVerpic.twitter.com/LEqMBmKRlD — 紋別オホーツクランド (@mombetsu_land) February 23, 2017 Read more… More about Cute Animals, Animal, Seal, Japan, and Watercooler

Brave man casually chooses to kayak alongside a black bear

Apparently there are people who would rather kayak up to a bear than frantically run away from one.  Matthew Garrity was at beautiful Hemlock Lake in Upstate New York on Saturday when a black bear made an appearance in the water. Garrity apparently has superhuman levels of bravery, because he hopped in his kayak to investigate. SEE ALSO: Bear makes trespassing cute by jumping into a private pool The video shows the edge of Garrity’s kayak, proving that he was only a few feet from the calm animal. “The bear definitely noticed me,” Garrity wrote to Mashable. “At one point, not captured on video (because I was paddling at the time rather than holding my phone) he did turn his head and look directly at me for a split second, but he never stopped swimming towards the shore.” Read more… More about Nature, Viral Video, Videos, Watercooler, and Cute Animals

Taylor Swift doesn’t understand how to hang out with dogs

Noted cat lady Taylor Swift cannot successfully interact with dogs, even though they are the official mascots of friendship — something Swift claims to care deeply about. The singer posted a video of herself lounging poolside rejecting the affection of a series of pups, who, admittedly, are disrespectful of the singer’s personal space See also: Stream Ryan Adams’ ‘1989’ cover album now and make Taylor Swift’s cat happy Dog struggles. A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Sep 20, 2015 at 10:43am PDT Swift has rarely been seen with dogs, but this incident of canine cuddles is not entirely unprecedented. Swift was likely contractually obligated to hang out with the Target dog when she worked with the company and schmoozed with Marnie the Dog Read more…More about Dogs, Cute Animals, Taylor Swift, Music, and Watercooler

Portraits of aging dogs will tug at your heart strings

The amount of joy a dog can bring can last a lifetime, even after you’ve had to say goodbye. Which is why it’s important to cherish every stage in their life, from their rambunctious puppy years to their calmer senior days. Photographer Amanda Jones has been working with animals for more than 20 years, and has had the opportunity to photograph many different dogs at different points in their lives. Her experience with these canines inspired her to create a book of portraits, Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now. See also: Dogs photographed after their baths know how you feel on a bad hair day Read more…More about Art, Photography, Dogs, Cute Animals, and Watercooler

Dog-Loving Artist Draws Hilarious Sketches Inspired By His Bull Terrier

When seeking inspiration on Instagram, look no further than man’s best friend. Brazilian artist and advertising professional Rafael Mantesso always wanted a bull terrier since he was a little boy. When he got married, he decided to make his little family complete by getting his dream dog: A pup named Jimmy Choo (after the famous shoe brand). See also: Dreamy Pit Bull Portraits Show Softer Side of a Misunderstood Breed Sadly, the marriage did not work out and Mantesso and Jimmy Choo were left to start a brand new life. “My ex-wife took all the furniture in the house and the house was completely empty and white. The only thing I had was [Jimmy],” Mantesso said to Mashable. Inspired by the dog’s white fur and his empty, white house, Mantesso began a new chapter in their friendship with a simple photo. Read more…More about Art, Photography, Dogs, Cute Animals, and Instagram

Huge Porcupine Emits Terrifyingly Cute Noises

Kemosabe, a prehensile porcupine, has squealed his way into the Internet’s heart with his giant body, long tail and odd vocalizations. In this YouTube video from Animal Wonders Montana, this big guy squeaks and squeals in his tree fort as his caretaker feeds him banana slices and tickles his nose. He even has his own tiny basket to store yummy treats in. See also: The 75 Absolutely Cutest Animals on Instagram Sounds like a pretty sweet living situation — other than the loud roommate. When can we move in? BONUS: 20 Adorable Animals Boogying Like Beyonc Homepage Image: YouTube, AnimalWonders Montana Read more…More about Viral Videos, Animals, Cute, Cute Animals, and Youtube

Goats Yelling Like Humans Will Delight Your Ears

All those childhood tales of goats saying “Baaaaaaa” were just plain incorrect. The noise goats make more similarly resembles the drunk guy squawking outside your window at 4 a.m. SEE ALSO: Goat Headbutts TV Reporter — Twice And, boy, are these farm animals the chatty type, as witnessed in this supercut of goats just going off. In case you can’t get enough, just for giggles, here’s a video from 2008 that showcases a goat that sounds like Usher (yes, the singer): Video courtesy of YouTube, sitrucflaw. Video and image courtesy of YouTube, RSVLTS BONUS: Bunny Playing Dress Up Will Brighten Your Day More About: cute animals, goats, mashups

Order a Side of Jelly for This Peanut Butter Pug [VIDEO]

Peanut butter puggy time! Peanut butter puggy time! See what we did there? (Hint: It’s the “Peanut Butter Jelly” song with pugs. Carry on.) Sophie the pug laps up a dollop of peanut butter with her monstrous tongue in 48 seconds of cuteness that might leave you with a hankering for Skippy and Smuckers on Wonder Bread. SEE ALSO: 15 Animal Hugs to Lift Your Spirits [PICS] The hungry pug’s tongue smacks her in the face with every lick. No word if Sophie needs an eyepatch after satisfying a peanut butter craving, but her owners might want to at least consider goggles. BONUS: The 10 Cutest Videos of 2012 More About: Watercooler, cute animals, dogs, viral video