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Dakota Access Pipeline protest movement now focuses on the money

It’s been a tough few months for opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). First Donald Trump officially approved the $3.8 billion project. Then indigenous people were forced to clear out of the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone protest camps. And with construction done, oil has now begun flowing from North Dakota to Illinois.  But the opposition has not faded away.  In fact, it’s entering a new phase by moving from the plains of North Dakota into city councils and corporate boardrooms. And its indigenous leaders are scoring big victories. They’ve convinced cities to divest billions of dollars in their portfolios from Wells Fargo, which is financing about 5 percent of Dakota Access. Several major European banks have also dropped investments in the project. Read more…More about Science, Indigenous Rights, Climate Activists, Activism, and Divestment

North Korea fires missiles into the sea in defiant message to U.N.

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has fired several short-range projectiles into the sea, reports South Korea’s Defense Ministry. This move comes just hours after the United Nations slapped sanctions on the hermit nation for its recent nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. The sanctions, unanimously approved by the U.N. Security Council, are the toughest against North Korea in 20 years and aim to cut off funds to the North’s nuclear and weapons programs. SEE ALSO: North Korea plans to launch more satellites after rocket launch draws ire The resolution bans the export of coal, iron and iron ore being used to fund North Korea’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs, but not for general economic use. It prohibits all exports of gold, titanium ore, vanadium ore and rare earth minerals and bans aviation fuel exports to the country, including “kerosene-type rocket fuel.” Read more… More about Sanctions, United Nations, North Korea, and World

15 Ways Lean Startups can Maximize PR/Marketing Opportunities

With the right strategy and placement, marketing and PR opportunities can do wonders for a brand. If you’re a scrappy startup or just don’t have the resources for an in-house marketing team, outsourcing to a well-regarded agency can get pricey. So, how can a lean startup reap the benefits of PR and marketing without the hefty price tag? We asked 15 entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) to give us one creative strategy lean companies can use to stretch their dollar when it comes to PR/marketing opportunities. Their best answers are below. Allow Guests to Contribute Content Write articles that educate and engage […]The post 15 Ways Lean Startups can Maximize PR/Marketing Opportunities appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Japanese government working to authenticate video claiming ISIS execution

The Japanese government is working to authenticate a video posted online Saturday, purporting to be from the Islamic State group, which claimed one Japanese hostage had been killed, and demanded a prisoner exchange for the other. The video was posted online Saturday, but was quickly deleted. Various differences in how it was released, compared to previous ISIS hostage videos, led to heightened scrutiny and skepticism. See also: Japanese journalist held hostage by ISIS traveled to Syria to save his friend Militants on a website affiliated with ISIS disagreed about the message’s authenticity. One militant warned that Saturday’s new message was fake, while another said the message was intended only to go to the Japanese journalist’s family. A third militant on the website noted that the video was not issued by al-Furqan, which is one of the media arms of ISIS, and has issued past videos involving hostages and beheadings. Saturday’s message did not bear al-Furqan’s logo. Read more…More about Japan, Isis, Us World, World, and Islamic State

Are Your Video Ads Actually Being Seen? Google Will Soon Report On Video Ad Viewability by @mattsouthern

Google will soon let advertisers and publishers know whether or not their video ads delivered via the DoubleClick ad services are actually being watched by customers, Bloomberg reports. This news was announced by Neal Mohan, Google’s vice president of display and video advertising, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. In keeping with the Media Ratings Council’s standard, Google will let advertisers know what percentage of their videos were at least 50% in a customer’s view for at least two seconds or more. In order to take advantage of this new viewability reporting, advertisers and publishers […]The post Are Your Video Ads Actually Being Seen? Google Will Soon Report On Video Ad Viewability by @mattsouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

You Have Location Pages! Now What? by @Andrew_Beckman

The importance of individual location pages continues to grow for all franchise and multi-unit businesses. In my last article, I discussed the details of why and how ranking matters for long-term visibility and success. There is a natural extension between local listing management and SEO service offerings that can be leveraged to grow existing clients. With algorithm updates placing more significance on local optimization of business information, having a fully optimized local landing page is a necessity both for organic ranking and local listing ranking. By optimizing the local business pages and building authority on the brand’s domain, we can […]The post You Have Location Pages! Now What? by @Andrew_Beckman appeared first on Search Engine Journal.