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A reminder from ‘SNL’: For the love of god, do not use feminism to pick up chicks

The year is 2017. Hillary lost the election, and dudes are walking around wearing tees reading “The Future Is Female” hoping it will help them get laid.  Saturday Day Night Live got very real about the performative wokeness plauge with Cecily Strong as a woman fending off a series of self-proclaimed feminist suitors who lose their chill when they’re rejected.  “Can I ask you a question because we both love Hillary? Do you wanna look at my balls?” is not a great pick up line, and you don’t need to read bell hooks to know that.  Read more… More about Tv, Comedy, Saturday Night Live, Feminism, and Entertainment

Watch the worst superheroes join forces to battle the dumbest villain

We love it when superheroes team up in movies and take their epicness to the next level. After all, what would the world be like without The Avengers or the soon-to-be-formed Justice League? The latest episode of “Trailer Mix” takes some of the worst superhero movies of all time and edits them together into one amazing mega trailer that actually looks pretty awesome. Swamp Thing, Barb Wire, Steel, Underdog, The Shadow, and The Phantom team up to fight Trel, John Travolta’s nincompoop of a villain from Battlefield Earth. So, get ready for some horrible costumes, embarrassing acting, and clich lines: Get ready to watch The Unwatchables. Read more…More about Video, Videos, Movies, Comedy, and Mashable Video

You’ll need a bag of Cheetos for this Donald Trump makeup tutorial

Want to make your face great again? In this makeup tutorial from F-Comedy, Tess Paras explains how to achieve a trending look called “Trumping.” Not sure if you have all the necessary supplies? If you have a concealer 10 shades too light, a pair of swimming goggles and a bag of Cheetos, you’re ready to run for the presidency in orange-y style. Just be sure to practice your zingers, too. An R-rated ‘Batman v Superman’ could get pretty extreme The Lowline is the underground park New York needs — and here are the minds behind it Jeremy Clarkson and his squad roll into a village in a souped-up Mercedes Watch the evolution of 14 Disney princesses in one magical mashup Read more… More about Donald Trump, Viral Video, Videos, Video, and Watercooler

No One Is Safe From the Pumpkin Spice Food Craze

The changing color of leaves is no longer the only sign that fall has officially started. Rather, the real sign that autumn has arrived is the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s sudden reappearance. From there, it’s a slippery slope to squash-flavored muffins, cookies and cakes. Not even beer is safe from the fall flavor’s clutches. See also: Not Everyone is Excited for Fall The folks at Official Comedy are poking fun at this inescapable obsession in its latest parody movie trailer for “Pumpkin Spice.” The clip follows a man slowly realizing that he is surrounded by pumpkin spice-gobbling zombies, brainwashed into believing that everything tastes better with cinnamon Read more…More about Youtube, Viral Videos, Parody, Fall, and Watercooler

‘Lab Rats’ Web Series Tests Dog Collars on Humans

What’s the most humane way to test a dog collar? On a human, of course. Created by Daniel Nayeri and Brendan Choisnet of Plywood Pictures, the webisodes follow a lab tech (played by Elyse Brandau) at a low-end firm who hates her job, and an out-of-work musician who makes money by signing up for all their tests. See also: Compulsive Fall Disorder: A Public Service Announcement The idea came after Nayeri read one too many articles of lab studies with bizarre results “I thought it would be hilarious if there was this one guy at this one terrible lab somewhere, who has been delivering all these ridiculous results,” Nayeri told Mashable. Read more…More about Viral Videos, Comedy, Funny, Web Series, and Watercooler

9 Unexpected Duos That Need Their Own Buddy Comedy

To make a great buddy comedy you can use one of two formulas: two people whose solid friendship anchors the movie, or an odd couple thrown together who eventually discover they’re more alike than they thought Instead of developing new characters to form lifelong friendships on screen, future writers and directors just have to figure out what fan fiction writers already know: The perfect pairs exist — they just live in different fictional worlds. SEE ALSO: Ermahgerd! The 12 Best Memes of 2012 There are obvious barriers that divide them, such as time period and animation. But once you look past that, it’s easy to see these characters are best friends that just haven’t met yet — and their movies would be sure-fire hits. Read more…More about Lists, Comedy, Buddy, Gifs, and Watercooler