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Snapchat FINALLY lets you create Groups

Snapchat has finally introduced one of its long-awaited features: Groups. Snapchat users can now create a group chat with up to 16 friends. You can create a Group by starting in the Chat part of the app and clicking the upper left corner button to start a new message thread. SEE ALSO: This is getting ridiculous. Facebook just ripped off Snapchat’s navigation. After selecting up to 16 users, you can choose a name for the Group.   Within the Group chat, you’ll see each participant’s name at the bottom.  Like in other Snapchat messages, chats sent to the Group are deleted automatically after 24 hours.  You can also send stickers, Bitmojis, Friendmojis, voice notes and video notes.  Read more…More about Shazam, Tech, Business, Apps And Software, and Snapchat Groups

Watch the graphic process by which a sadistic family brutally murders a Teddy Ruxpin

Make no mistake, this is a snuff film. If you continue reading this piece and consuming the images included within it, you will witness the brutal death of a friendly talking teddy bear. SEE ALSO: Kanye West as Teddy Ruxpin’s voice is the greatest A Youtube channel called What’s Inside? recently released a video in which a father and son duo gleefully cut open an original Teddy Ruxpin doll. Why? Who knows, probably to discover if it feels pain. Sincerely, this video is disturbing. At one point a young boy is wearing Teddy’s face on his head and singing into the camera. At another point, a young girl is scream-crying that they should put the bear in the dump. Read more…More about Toys, Videos, Watercooler, and Teddy Ruxpin

Leica’s new crazy expensive digital camera doesn’t have an LCD screen

A digital camera with no LCD screen? Who the heck would buy such a camera in 2016? That’s the question, Leica surely asked itself when it decided to create the M-D (Typ 262), its newest rangefinder-style digital camera, which doesn’t come with any kind of display on the back. SEE ALSO: Sony A6300 blows every mirrorless camera away with insane speed and 4K If you believe Leica’s spiel, a camera without a screen distills “photography in its purest form.” A screen, apparently distracts the photographer during the photographing process. In other words, the M-D gives you a slower, more old school way of shooting more akin to shooting with a film camera. The photographer is forced to think about composition while looking through the viewfinder, adjust settings with the shutter speed dial on top and the ISO wheel on the back. Read more… More about Photography, Cameras, Leica M D, Leica, and Tech

Syrian Woman Wears Hidden Camera to Reveal Life Under ISIS Rule

A mother, with an AK-47 slung over her shoulder, walks her child to a playground. A man driving a car orders a woman to cover her face: “God loves women who are covered.” A woman in an Internet cafe, in flawless French, tells her mother that she won’t be coming home: “I did not take the risk by coming here to go back to France.” The world got a rare glimpse at life inside the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa thanks to an intrepid, unnamed Syrian woman who wore a hidden camera under her burqa as she walked around the northern Syrian city, which fell to ISIS militants 18 months ago. The video report was commissioned by France 2 and posted to YouTube. Read more…More about Syria, Isis, Us World, World, and Islamic State

Amazon’s Fire Phone Is More Than Meets the Eye

Amazon unveiled its first smartphone on Wednesday at an event in Seattle near its headquarters, four years after the company started working on the project On the surface — and even under the hood — the 4.7-inch Fire phone looks like any other Android phone on the market, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and team have baked both big and small touches into the Fire phone to make it stand out in such a crowded market. See also: Amazon’s Fire Phone: 5 Cameras, 3D Display, a Built-In Shopping Cart The Fire phone boasts a 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, an Adreno 330 graphics processor, 2GB of RAM and runs on Amazon’s custom version of Android, called Fire OSWhile none of the specs are true differentiators, Amazon is taking some risks to get noticed. Read more…More about Amazon, Mobile Apps, Tech, Mobile, and Fire Phone

Capture 360-Degree HD Video With This Tiny UFO-Style Camera

Tools like Google Street View and even Apple’s iPhone allow you to view the world as captured in panoramic photos, but a new camera called Centr delivers the same kind of immersive experience in high-definition video Created by a team of ex-Apple employees, Centr is a beautifully designed, palm-sized panoramic camera that you can control with your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android) See also: Sensational Interactive Panorama Feels Like You Landed on Mars “Think of it as a GoPro plus,” Centr CEO Bill Banta told Mashable. “It lets you do everything you could with a GoPro, plus see another dimensionIt allows the user to get perspectives that they couldn’t normally get with a GoPro. Now you have the opportunity to create a panoramic selfie.” Read more…More about Gadgets, Panoramic, Panorama, Cameras, and Kickstarter