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Discover what your name would be if you were a Kentucky Derby racehorse

Congratulations! You are a horse and you have made it to the Kentucky Derby. Now it’s time to find out what your name is. Horses with many delightful monikers have graced the Derby track over the years, from the alliterative California Chrome (2014) to the more subdued Regret (1915). One thing’s for sure, though: it’s best to come up with something memorable. SEE ALSO: Vintage dog shows were just as bizarre and adorable as today Want to see how your horse name stacks up? It’s easy. You’ll just need the first letter of your first name and the month you were born.  For example, we are “Classic Catastrophe” and “Mrs. Charm.” Nice! Read more…More about Kentucky Derby, Art, Watercooler, and Watercooler

This comment card perfectly sums up how some people feel about modern art

LONDON — Not everyone’s a fan of modern art. Although some people enjoy analysing and interpreting the abstract and the hard-to-classify, others just don’t quite know what to make of it. SEE ALSO: Graffiti artist perfectly trolls the man who covered up their art Reddit user mar480 recently took a trip to the Tate Modern in London, where they discovered the following comment card. To anyone that’s never been into modern art, it speaks volumes. Image: imgur Other people chipped in with their experiences. Image: reddit Image: reddit Read more…At this point, some people began sticking up for modern art.More about Uk, London, Tate Modern, Art, and Modern Art

Biker creates magnificent GPS doodles

Stephen Lund took the boredom-rite-of-passage, doodling, to a new level by evolving it into a sport The visually-minded biker has been doodling with his two wheels since January 2015, developing intricate and striking designs with the use of a GPS. Stephen shares with Mashable that he uses an app called Strava to help him navigate his way through the streets of the City of Victoria, Canada See also: Watch this artist illustrate Singapore’s skyline using only makeup First, Stephen uses a physical map to chart his path and create a visual blueprint. Next, Google Maps comes in to assist in pinpointing just the right route, including the nonlinear change in Stephen’s drawings. These changes essentially become the turn-by-turn directions for each bike trip. Read more…More about Pics, Art, Watercooler, and Viral

8 Animorphs that wouldn’t help fight crime at all

In the ’90s, Animorphs spread through culture faster than Yeerks through an unsuspecting human colony. The book series detailed the lives of a few middle schoolers tasked with the very adult responsibility of protecting the planet because they could transform into a variety of animals, which doesn’t make much sense to us anymore but we’ll let it pass. See also: 10 Care Bears having a quarter-life crisis While some of these animals made perfect sense to morph into (gorillas are very strong, horses are very fast), others did not. In Animorphs #39: The Hidden a girl honestly morphs into a water buffalo. To save the earth. Her plan to save the earth somehow involves morphing into a water buffalo. Read more…More about Lists, Art, Illustrations, Nostalgia, and Watercooler

Haunting photography series explores many versions of the self

Maybe somewhere else in the universe, there’s another version of you — someone completely different yet almost the same exists. Among all of us, alternative versions of the self could be lurking with a different past or future. The idea of multiple selves is explored by photographer and artistDaisuke Takakura in his latest photo series entitled “Monodramatic”. See also: 14 beautiful viral photography series of 2014 Takakura was curious about what kind of world it would be if there were many singular selves all existing together in the same space. So using hishis past graphic design work and passion for theater, he created a haunting and beautiful series that makes you question existence and what it means to be your authentic self. Read more…More about Art, Photography, Watercooler, Pics, and Lists

Dog-Loving Artist Draws Hilarious Sketches Inspired By His Bull Terrier

When seeking inspiration on Instagram, look no further than man’s best friend. Brazilian artist and advertising professional Rafael Mantesso always wanted a bull terrier since he was a little boy. When he got married, he decided to make his little family complete by getting his dream dog: A pup named Jimmy Choo (after the famous shoe brand). See also: Dreamy Pit Bull Portraits Show Softer Side of a Misunderstood Breed Sadly, the marriage did not work out and Mantesso and Jimmy Choo were left to start a brand new life. “My ex-wife took all the furniture in the house and the house was completely empty and white. The only thing I had was [Jimmy],” Mantesso said to Mashable. Inspired by the dog’s white fur and his empty, white house, Mantesso began a new chapter in their friendship with a simple photo. Read more…More about Art, Photography, Dogs, Cute Animals, and Instagram

Artist Captures Spontaneity in Everyday Objects With an iPhone

Artist Brock Davis doesn’t just rely on pen and paper to manifest his wit. From fruits and veggies to googly eyes, the mediums that make up his extensive portfolio are endless One of his ongoing projects turns everyday objects into mini scenes and concepts. The photos are captured simply with his iPhone See also: An Unofficial Guide for #ThrowbackThursday Etiquette “Most of my friends were sharing photos of their kids and pets, which is cool, but almost immediately I was curious if it would be possible to take conceptual photos with my iPhone while staying true to the immediacy and spontaneity that is inherent with mobile photography,” Davis told Mashable. Read more…More about Iphone, Lists, Art, Instagram, and Watercooler

Tumblr Art Project Gives Everyday People Monster Twins

Monsters under the bed. Monsters in the closet. Throughout our childhoods, we feared the things that went bump in the night. It turns out, monsters weren’t there to scare us — they just wanted to be our friends As Jordan Young’s Tumblr, Matching Monsters, reads: “[Monsters are] hiding all over the world, often in places you’d least expect. Sometimes you just need a little help seeing them.” The art director turned digital artist has set out to help the world embrace the curious creatures around us through unique drawings he creates from real-life photographs. See also: Muppets Join Forces With Shirtless Terry Crews, Because Super Bowl Read more…More about Art, Tumblr, Photography, Artist, and Illustration

In Brain Wave Experiment, Whoever Feels the Strongest Emotion Wins

Brent Hoff wants to piss you off Well, it’s not that simple. The filmmaker’s current project, the Emotional Arcade, pits regular people in a competition to experience emotions as strongly as they can, while monitoring their brain activity. Once you’ve worked yourself into a boiling rage, a peaceful bliss or a meditative chill? You get a lollipop. See also: 10 Apps to Get Kids Excited About Science The Emotional Arcade is a blend of art, neuroscience and technology. According to Hoff, it’s a portable version of earlier films he’s made. Hoff’s film Love Competition, for example, challenged seven competitors to love someone or something as strongly as they could for five minutes, while a Stanford fMRI brain scanner and several researchers measured participants’ neural activity. The Emotional Arcade expands the range of emotions and takes the experiment on the road. Read more…More about Games, Art, Technology, Features, and Science