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iOS 11’s ’emergency sos’ feature is hugely important for women

Women: if there’s one iOS 11 hidden feature you need to know about, it’s the new “Emergency SOS” function.  SEE ALSO: 13 hidden features in iOS 11 Apple’s new iOS 11 update brought in a new feature which allows users to discreetly ring emergency services by clicking the “sleep/wake button” five times in close succession. Not only that: the update allows you to assign emergency contacts who’ll be notified when you’ve called the emergency services. For those who’ve ever felt threatened while walking home late at night, the ability make an emergency phone call without even unlocking your home screen—let alone dialing a number—is a game changer.  Read more…More about Iphone, Women, Domestic Violence, Safety, and Women S Rights

I have spent YEARS designing the iPhone 9 and I am mad as hell

CUPERTINO, CA: The bastard Tim Cook has stabbed me in the back and taken everything from me. Today, Apple unveiled two new iPhones at their event about iPhones.  The first iPhone is the iPhone 8: an ancient piece of dogshit tech that we will all forget about in one week. The second iPhone is the iPhone X (pronounced “iPhone ten”): a technological marvel that I cannot and will not ever understand — a device so beautiful that to hold it would be to touch the concept of my own mortality; to come face to face with my maker and, upon meeting His eye, to understand the universe far beyond any degree humanity was ever intended to; to experience, for the first time, what it is to be alive. Read more…More about Apple, Iphone, Humor, Iphone 8, and Iphone X

All the new Apple iPhone features we know about from that big iOS 11 leak

Apple kinda sorta just spoiled its own big event by letting slip some of the biggest updates coming to the new iPhone and Apple Watch.  We’ve already detailed some of the possible new emoji goodies, Apple Watch updates, and iPhone naming updates, but there’s also a few other features revealed in the iOS 11 firmware leak.    SEE ALSO: Apple’s big iPhone 8 event will have much more than just new iPhones The massive outpouring of information includes a new set of wallpapers that feature Apple’s traditional abstract color patterns, images of flowers, and the planet Earth, as well as a new set of retro-style rainbow color patterns.  Read more…More about Apple, Iphone, Ios 11, Iphone X, and Tech

Smartphone prices are about to get insane

For about the last decade, if you walked into any phone store, you could reasonably expect to pay about $200 for a brand new iPhone — but those days are all but over.  The iPhone 8, which is expected to launch at a special media event on Sept. 12, is widely forecast to have a starting cost somewhere between $1,000 and $1,200 — or a little shy of double the starting price of the current iPhone 7 ($649). SEE ALSO: The Apple event invite TOTALLY contains hidden iPhone 8 secrets Perhaps even more shocking is that Apple isn’t alone in increasing costs. Samsung is also cranking up the price on its newer phones, starting with the Galaxy Note 8 that launched last month at a price of $930 for an unlocked 64GB version. Read more…More about Apple, Samsung, Smartphones, Cost, and Price

Tim Cook made an iPad ad that doubles as an Auburn Univ. commercial

When the CEO of the world’s richest tech company is an alumni of your university, you’re winning. But when that CEO decides to appear in a commercial for that university, you’re basically looking at the most valuable college commercial on the planet. The CEO we’re talking about, Apple’s Tim Cook, just gave his alma mater, Auburn University, the biggest thank you imaginable.  SEE ALSO: Read Tim Cook’s powerful note to Apple employees about Charlottesville violence But of course, Cook also made sure to make the Auburn spot a low key ad for Apple by including an iPad and FaceTime.  Cook appeared in a school spirit-style commercial for Auburn on Friday, along with fellow alumni including a Tesla engineer, a wind energy CEO, a best-selling author, a TV producer, and a supreme court justice. Not bad company.  Read more…More about Apple, Marketing, Ipad, Education, and Tim Cook

It’s time for the ‘other’ smartphone makers to shine

Squeezed between Samsung’s and Apple’s big phone announcements is this year’s IFA trade show in Berlin. The colorful event officially kicks off on Sept. 1, but news will start arriving two days earlier.  IFA is typically a mix of smartphone news with audio and video announcements, sprinkled generously with some interesting gadgets and perhaps a wearable or two. This year’s schedule is no different: LG and Sony will likely be launching major phones, and several other tech companies — including Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba — have events as well.  SEE ALSO: Samsung turned the Galaxy Note 8 launch into an Apple roast with these zingers Read more…More about Smartphones, Berlin, Laptops, Tvs, and Ifa

Here’s the first 6 minutes of the ‘Carpool Karaoke: The Series’ premiere

James Corden’s mega-popular segment now has an Apple flavor. You can catch the first six minutes of the premiere episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series, which released on Tuesday night, as part of a 16-episode season for Apple Music. Will Smith is the first guest, and they open with a rendition of “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” Then they get into a very over-the-top version of “Boom! Shake The Room,” while also discussing if Smith would ever play Barack Obama.  There’s also a teaser of other hosts and guests, such Gwyneth Paltrow (an easy choice, given she’s in another of Apple’s shows, Planet of the Apps), Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones, and Billy Eichner singing it out with Metallica, of all people. Read more…More about Entertainment, Apple, Apple Music, James Corden, and Carpool Karaoke

‘The iPhone will fail’ and other hot takes on the original iPhone

One of the reasons I hate it when people “call bullshit” on technology that still hasn’t played itself out in the market yet (cough, VR, cough), is that it’s just too easy.  Most new products fail. So when journalists “boldly” say that something sucks, is stupid, or won’t work with consumers (before most have even touched it), it’s usually not insightful courage, it’s just a simple thing called “playing the odds.” Which brings us to the debut of the iPhone in 2007.  SEE ALSO: iOS 11 is about to radically change the iPad for the better Oh, yessss… How sweet it is to look back upon the doubters. No, I didn’t write a review at the time, but I was an early iPhone believer. And unlike the four establishment techies who were afforded early access to the device for review, my opinion of the iPhone was primarily informed by Steve Jobs’ stagecraft during the initial reveal of the device months before its release.  Read more…More about Apple, Iphone, Steve Jobs, Tech, and Consumer Tech