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How Voice Search Is Changing SEO by @johnelincoln

Voice search is really taking off. I use it constantly and I know many of my peers do as well. Why type with your hands when you can just blurt out a search query? Now that Chrome offers voice search on a PC, it is growing even faster. Truthfully, it is going to change SEO. Author informationJohn LincolnJohn Lincoln is Founder and President of SEO and Social Media at Ignite Visibility, a premier Internet marketing company based in San Diego, CA. As a seasoned online marketing expert John E Lincoln has ensured results for hundreds of online businesses. Lincoln has authored thousands of blog posts and articles, taken multiple websites to the number one position in Google for competitive keywords, and built social media communities by hundreds of thousands of members. Some of his recent noteworthy accomplishments are: • Increasing residual revenue for a client by over 3 million dollars in a single quarter through SEO strategies. • Generating over 66,000 leads annually for a client from only non-paid organic Facebook marketing • Growing a client’s traffic by 80,000 visitors a month after only 4 months of SEO work In the community, Lincoln teaches a quarterly course on social media marketing, search engine optimization and analytics at UC San Diego. He is also a frequent corporate trainer and public speaker. Lincoln holds an M.B.A. in finance from AIU and a B.A. in literature from UC Santa Cruz. He is Google Analytics certified and Google AdWords Certified with an emphasis in Advanced Reporting and Analysis. He is also an avid surfer and soccer player.TwitterThe post How Voice Search Is Changing SEO by @johnelincoln appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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How Voice Search Is Changing SEO by @johnelincoln

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