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Larry Flynt offers $10 million if you have information that’ll impeach Trump

Need some cash and have some dirt on Donald Trump? You might want to talk to Hustler founder Larry Flynt. The adult magazine mogul is offering $10 million “for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office” of the president. SEE ALSO: Sports teams are deserting Trump’s hotels, and it’s hitting his wallet hard The full-page ad was published in the Washington Post on Sunday, complete with a toll-free hotline and an email address for readers to send their tips to. So I decided to do this…let’s see what happenspic.twitter.com/Xpy4qrwHU7 — Larry Flynt (@ImLarryFlynt) October 15, 2017 Read more… More about Politics, Donald Trump, Trump, Larry Flynt, and Culture

Hurricane Ophelia smashes an Atlantic intensity record, heads for Ireland Monday

By reaching Category 3 intensity on Saturday, Hurricane Ophelia became the strongest hurricane ever observed so far east in the Atlantic Ocean. It also became the sixth major hurricane to form this season so far, tying 1933, 1961, 1964, and 2004 for the most major hurricanes through Oct. 14.  What the storm is about to do next is also unusual, though not at all unheard of. Over the next 24 to 48 hours, Hurricane Ophelia will transition from a storm containing a warm core — meaning warmer air is near the center of the storm — to a powerful cold core, post-tropical low pressure system. SEE ALSO: Satellite photos show Puerto Rico went dark after Hurricane Maria Read more…More about Uk, Climate, Science, Weather, and Extreme Weather

Kellyanne Conway said Trump empowers women and (predictably) got dragged

When you think of Donald Trump you immediately think of all he’s done to make women feel empowered, do you not? No? Oh, sorry — guess that’s just Kellyanne Conway. Others might be thinking about the Donald Trump who bragged about groping women, cut Obama’s equal pay act, and rolled back access to birth control, but the man Conway knows apparently “elevates and empowers women,” as she recently explained on Twitter. SEE ALSO: Here is a glorious infographic ranking Kellyanne Conway’s most embarrassing moments On Thursday the White House counselor shared a Fox Business tweet announcing Trump had nominated cybersecurity expert Kirstjen Nielson as Department of Homeland Security Secretary. Read more…More about Twitter, Conversations, Politics, Women, and Donald Trump

‘Breaking Bad’ fans have been throwing so much pizza on Walter White’s house the owner is putting up a fence

And you thought the Rick and Morty fandom were bad. SEE ALSO: Why ‘Rick and Morty’ is the realest show on TV right now You may recall from the halcyon days of Breaking Bad that Walter White, seized by familial frustration, threw a pizza onto the roof of his house. Image: AMc/giphyThis happened in episode 2 of Season 3, and went out in March 2010. Well, turns out Breaking Bad fans are slow to forget. The real residents at the White family house told KOB that they are erecting a 6-foot-high wrought iron fence around the house to keep out unruly fans who come to, among other things, throw a commemorative pizza on the roof.  Read more…More about Pizza, Breaking Bad, Walter White, Culture, and Web Culture