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4 GMO Myths, Debunked

The Flavr Savr tomato first hit grocery stores in 1994 To the layman, it looked like any other produce fresh from the farm: plump and bulbous, with a rich, ruby hue. But it was hiding a secret. Thanks to a carefully crafted genetic modification of its seeds, the aptly-titled Flavr Savr was able to stay ripe much longer than regular tomatoes. See also: 6 Major Climate Change Myths, Debunked Fast forward 20 years, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), just like the Flavr Savr, are front and center in an ongoing debate about the future of agriculture. But many questions remain: Are GMOs safe to eat? Should mandatory labeling be required in all grocery stores? And are GMOs a sustainable alternative to organic foods? Read more…More about Videos, World, Politics, Sustainability, and Us World

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4 GMO Myths, Debunked

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