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Bear chills out on garbage dump’s couch after a long day

Bears don’t have any interest in your miserable standing desks, thank you very much. Mandy Stantic was visiting a garbage dump in Northern Manitoba last spring when she came upon a black bear sitting on a discarded sofa. Stantic, whose photos just recently went viral, had specifically driven to the dump with her daughter to see the dump (god bless Canadian road trips) when she discovered the bear just lounging. SEE ALSO: Man’s encounter with bears is the most Canadian thing you’ll ever see “The bears are always very active at the dump. This one must have been in the mood to relax after eating his full and climbed up on the couch to get comfortable,” Stantic told Mashable.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Bears, Wtf, Culture, and Web Culture

South Korea takes cue from China, bans ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are no longer legal in South Korea.  The country’s regulator, the Financial Services Commission (FSC), issued the ban following a meeting Friday, reasoning that ICOs are pushing the market into a “non-productive speculative direction.” The regulator has also banned margin trading on cryptocurrencies.  SEE ALSO: China bans ICOs for being full of fraud and pyramid schemes The move comes weeks after China’s financial regulator banned all ICOs in the country, delivering a blow to this booming method of fundraising. South Korea’s regulator announced that a ban might be imminent in early September, warning that it would “strengthen levels of punishment” for “illegal fund-raising.” Read more…More about South Korea, Ban, Ico, Business, and Sharing Economy

Nokia’s releasing the iconic 3310 in 3G, and Australia’s getting it first

Don’t worry folks, you’ll get your dose of Snake — the resurrected Nokia 3310 is being released in 3G. Earlier this year, we got a little excited about the rebooting of the Nokia 3310 from Finnish startup HMD. Announcing a smaller, lighter, upgraded version of the classic 2000 phone at the Mobile World Congress in Feb. 2017, HMD rolled out the phone in 2G in May and June this year. SEE ALSO: Thirsting for the new Nokia 3310? Just make sure it works where you live The bad news for thirsty, nostalgic types was that the phone relied on 2.5G connectivity, which requires 2G networks — and they’re being very slowly decommissioned in many countries including Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands and the U.S. Read more…More about Australia, Nokia, Phone, Phones, and 2g