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People are saying Jay-Z’s new album is a response to Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Jay-Z’s much anticipated 10-track album, 4:44, has just been released on Tidal and people are already dissecting the lyrics, finding ‘confirmation’ that he cheated on Beyonce.  Jay Z breaks down 4:44 pic.twitter.com/aru8o3IMKS — Karen Civil (@KarenCivil) June 30, 2017 As you might recall, Beyoncé’s stunning visual album Lemonade partly focused on Jay-Z’s purported lying and cheating, giving an honest glimpse behind the curtain of one of the world’s most famous marriages. SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling joins Beyonce on the Forbes 100 list of highest paid celebrities Well, now it seems Jay-Z has basically confirmed the lyrics of Lemonade, sometimes word by word: Read more…More about Beyonce, Jay Z, Lemonade, 4 44, and Entertainment

‘The iPhone will fail’ and other hot takes on the original iPhone

One of the reasons I hate it when people “call bullshit” on technology that still hasn’t played itself out in the market yet (cough, VR, cough), is that it’s just too easy.  Most new products fail. So when journalists “boldly” say that something sucks, is stupid, or won’t work with consumers (before most have even touched it), it’s usually not insightful courage, it’s just a simple thing called “playing the odds.” Which brings us to the debut of the iPhone in 2007.  SEE ALSO: iOS 11 is about to radically change the iPad for the better Oh, yessss… How sweet it is to look back upon the doubters. No, I didn’t write a review at the time, but I was an early iPhone believer. And unlike the four establishment techies who were afforded early access to the device for review, my opinion of the iPhone was primarily informed by Steve Jobs’ stagecraft during the initial reveal of the device months before its release.  Read more…More about Apple, Iphone, Steve Jobs, Tech, and Consumer Tech

James Harrison’s workout Instagrams will either motivate or depress the hell out of you

MOTIVATION MONDAY, Y’ALL!!!!! Oh. Hm. It’s Tuesday?  Well, these videos might motivate you. Then again, they might depress you. Either way, they show about as savage a workout regimen as you’ll ever see.  James Harrison is a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s a beast, as the kids say. And he’s 39 years old.  Going swimming with the ? A post shared by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on Jun 24, 2017 at 2:05pm PDT But Harrison isn’t just spending the off-season chilling out or reminiscing about his two Super Bowl championships. No sir, Harrison is also spending time posting some rather insane workout videos on Instagram.  Read more…More about James Harrison, James Harrison Instagram, James Harrison Workouts, James Harrison Beast, and Entertainment