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ESPN killed something else with its layoffs, its best hope to reach millennials: TrueHoop podcasts

“Stop hitting yourself… Stop hitting yourself…”  That’s the sound of ESPN bullying itself into irrelevance as we’ve now learned that the self-described “worldwide leader in sports” has killed the best thing to come out of its Bristol, Connecticut headquarters in recent years: the TrueHoop network of podcasts.  The news that the podcasts will shut down comes along with the massive layoffs announced earlier this week.   SEE ALSO: ESPN is laying off a bunch of its on-air talent Along with the initial cuts of about 100 staffers, ESPN also quietly let go of one of its most impactful team members, Henry Abbott, the guy behind ESPN’s TrueHoop brand of basketball stories, videos, and podcasts. His ouster, ostensibly, spelled the end of the podcasts.  Read more…More about Bill Simmons, Grantland, Media, Sports, and Podcasts

20 years later, Ellen’s coming out episode remains one of the best in television history

It’s almost impossible to remember a time when Ellen DeGeneres — the inoffensive pastel-palette comedian beloved by Pantsuit Nation moms and Holiday Inn lounges everywhere — was actually something of a radical. On April 30, The Ellen DeGeneres Show will commemorate the 20th anniversary of “The Puppy Episode,” the comedian’s landmark two-part coming out episode from her television series Ellen. At the time, anticipatory anxiety about the episode, which ultimately attracted 42 million viewers, reached such an intensity that the network decided to slap a spectacularly patronizing “parental advisory” warning on it.   Read more…More about Anniversary, Ellen Degeneres, Watercooler, and Watercooler

Google researcher figures how to make great night photos with a smartphone

Name the number one problem with smartphone cameras. If you picked “nighttime photos,” we agree: While smartphone cameras have improved by orders of magnitude in the last decade, due to the constraints of their tiny lenses, low light conditions are still their Achilles’ heel.  But a Google researcher might have a software solution to that problem — one that actually works, that is.  SEE ALSO: Samsung has unveiled the new Galaxy S8, and it’s beautiful Florian Kainz, who works as a software engineer at Google’s Daydream team, has developed a technique that let him take photos in very dark conditions with the Google Pixel and Google Nexus 6P phones and get results that are comparable to photos taken with a DSLR on a tripod.  Read more…More about Google, Smartphone Camera, Low Light Photography, Nighttime Photography, and Smartphone Photography