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How to stream Carrie Fisher’s scene-stealing roles (besides Princess Leia)

Carrie Fisher was best known for her turn as Princess Leia in several Star Wars films, but her contribution to the worlds of film and TV went far beyond that iconic role. Though Fisher, who died Tuesday at age 60 following a heart attack, typically took on supporting roles outside of Star Wars and her stage work, she was always a scene stealer and her larger-than-life personality shined brightly.  Here’s how to watch some of Carrie Fisher’s roles from this galaxy online.   SEE ALSO: Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars family shows love after she’s rushed to the hospital 1. Catastrophe Recently, Fisher flexed her comic muscles on Amazon’s Catastrophe as Mia, the mother of a man who has the nerve to start a family an ocean away from his mom following an accidental pregnancy. Her dog, Gary, is also a scene-stealer in the series.  Read more…More about Star Wars, Carrie Fisher, and Entertainment

Study makes new claims about world’s oldest human civilization

Some ancient relics never cease to pique the interest of modern societies.  Sample this: A 4,500-year-old metal figurine, one of the most critical excavations related to the Indus Valley Civilization — arguably the world’s oldest human civilization — might have been something no archaeologist or historian ever thought before.  SEE ALSO: The Bible may have been written earlier than thought, pottery reveals The “Dancing Girl” of Mohenjodaro, a 4.1-inch tall bronze statuette, was long thought to be a toy figurine or perhaps a prop for magic art, but now a paper written by a veteran Indian historian claims that she might have been an avatar of a widely worshiped Hindu Goddess.  Read more…More about Research, India, Archaeology, History, and World

Someone mistakenly put a 2Pac song in a Christmas hymnal

Remember that scene out of The Simpsons where Bart Simpson changes one of the hymns to Iron Butterfly’s hard rock classic “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” and the whole church sung along to it? Well, it’s happened for real apparently, but during a Christmas carols event called “Joy To The World” in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  SEE ALSO: Here’s the ‘cat rapper’ freestyling to his cat Ravioli during bathtime It appears the lyrics to 2Pac’s song “Hail Mary,” which shares the name with a Catholic prayer, was mistakenly printed in a booklet handed out to carolers on Dec. 11.  Pictures of the pages with the lyrics have since spread on social media, with someone named Andrew Choksy claiming to have taken the original photos at the event and sharing them with his friends on WhatsAppMashable has reached out to him for further comment. Read more…More about Christmas Carol, Christmas, Tupac Shakur, Tupac, and 2pac

An A-list celeb has finally offered to perform at Trump’s inauguration

The struggle has proved to be oh so real for President-elect Donald Trump as he frantically searches for celebrities to perform at his inauguration on January 20. Though Trump has been shut down by some big names like Elton John, things began to look up on Friday, when one bold and talented A-list celebrity straight-up offered to perform. Who? Well, Alec Baldwin, of course. SEE ALSO: Rockettes’ producers give in to internet, will not require Rockettes to perform Baldwin, who you may know as the actor who plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, is not a big fan of the president-elect. Nevertheless, he saw what a hard time Trump was having booking decent entertainment, so he decided to help the guy out by volunteering to sing the classic AC/DC song, “Highway to Hell” on his big night. Read more…More about Twitter, Conversations, Inauguration, 2016 Election, and Entertainment