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How the Aussie star of ‘Barry’ learnt self-acceptance with help from Obama

What do a 24-year-old kid from Perth, Australia, and the 44th President of the United States have in common?    Quite a bit actually, if you ask the Aussie actor of Netflix’s upcoming biopic Barry.    Like the young Barack Obama, who he plays, Devon Terrell is on a journey of self-discovery. And thanks to Obama, he’s learning a lot. SEE ALSO: Aussie Devon Terrell nails a young Obama in full length ‘Barry’ trailer Barry centres on the life of Obama as a young Columbia University student in racially-charged New York of the early ’80s. Emigrating from Indonesia in 1971, the child of a white American woman and a Kenyan man, Obama deals with issues of belonging in Barry — based partly on his account of the period in the memoir Dreams From My Father.     Read more…More about Australia, Barry, Film, Netflix, and Devon Terrell

Strangers step in front of spinning car to try rescuing passed out driver

It’s the stuff of nightmares, really. And if it happened to you, you’d want these nice strangers around. Footage from Sydney, Australia on Monday has captured the moment a man’s car spiralled out of control on a major road in the city’s west. After allegedly collapsing at the wheel, the man’s foot seemed to remain on the accelerator, causing it to spin.  Other drivers responded by getting out of their car and lending support — trying to stop the swirling four wheel drive. SEE ALSO: Bird throws a snake straight at a car’s wind shield for some reason In video obtained of the incident by 7 News, at least two fellow motorists can be seen trying to pry open the driver’s door of the moving vehicle, with the driver inside. Read more…More about Australia, Prospect Motorway, M4, Sydney, and Car Accident

The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes by @alexanderkesler

People have a lot of misleading information regarding search engine optimization. Beginners make a lot of mistakes with SEO either because they don’t understand it correctly, or they are not aware of some factors. So what are the most common search SEO errors that keep cropping up?The post The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes by @alexanderkesler appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Girl asked to change her Black Lives Matter shirt has perfect response

Maryland teen Rebecca Malstrom sure knows how to make a statement at the dinner table. After her family requested she change out of her Black Lives Matter shirt on Thanksgiving, Malstrom was more than happy to oblige. Why? Because she found the perfect way to outsmart her relatives… by changing into a different Black Lives Matter shirt. SEE ALSO: Grandma’s wrong number Thanksgiving invitation ends in the best way possible Malstrom said she originally decided to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt on such a significant day because she feels it’s important to speak up about a topic “that definitely needs more support.” However, because of the political strain from the 2016 election, her family wanted to avoid controversial discussions at dinner.  Read more…More about Watercooler, Thanksgiving, Politics, Black Lives Matter, and Conversations