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Reddit News: Interest Targeting Coming to Reddit Ads and Spoiler Tags by @brentcsutoras

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman held an AMA style update through a self-post on /r/announcements yesterday, October 26, 2016, to announce a handful of new things they are working on, and also answer some questions. One particular update was worth noting, as they appear to be launching ‘Interest Targeting’ into Reddit Ads, which would “allow advertisers to target audiences based on a handful of predefined interests (e.g. sports, gaming, music, etc.), which will be informed by which communities they frequent. A targeted ad is more relevant to users and more valuable to advertisers.” It doesn’t appear to be available in the Ad […]The post Reddit News: Interest Targeting Coming to Reddit Ads and Spoiler Tags by @brentcsutoras appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Return of the Mac: Follow Apple’s event live

Follow live from San Francisco The SD card slot Photographers, prepare to get angry No escape key? The function keys may be deleted Fingerprint scanner Can we unlock it with our fingerprint? [View the story “Apple event, October 2016” on Storify]Apple event, October 2016 Storified by Mashable· Thu, Oct 27 2016 02:03:15 Read more… Prepare for all the Macs Oct 26, 2016 9:53 PM EDT / Jenni Ryall On Thursday, Apple will drop some new stuff. Most of that new stuff with be laptops. It’s been a long wait since the last significant Macbook launched, which was at the Spring 2015 event. According to Mashable’s deputy tech editor, Damon Beres, we will probably see a 13-inch Macbook Air and two different MacBook Pros (13- and 15-inch models). He’s a little bored by it really. But one thing that does look cool is the rumored Magic Toolbar. Why Apple’s big MacBook reveal will feel so damn boringWho cares about traditional computers anymore? Apple Insider reported the patent for the Magic Toolbar has been filed. The touch-sensitive OLED panel will apparently replace the row of keys at the top of the keyboard. If it’s our lucky day, Apple might even throw in a fingerprint sensor instead of the power button. All will be revealed on Thursday. So sit tight, come back at 10 a.m. PT and get ready for the Macs to roll on out. Well, look what came with the MacOS 10.12.1 update. Guess we’ll be getting a Magic Toolbar after all. https://t.co/1OTe5jU1Au https://t.co/v1EGo2d5IBLance Ulanoff Back in the air! See you in Cupertino. @ John F. Kennedy International Airport https://t.co/P4h9BjpDDfLance Ulanoff More about Macbook 2016, Apple Event 2016, Apple, Tech, and Gadgets

New Occurances of SEO Spam Discovered: Hacked Subdirectories on WordPress Sites by @MattGSouthern

Sucuri, a company that cleans over 500 hacked sites a day, has released a statement about new occurrences of a of certain type of SEO spam which involves maliciously installing subdirectories on WordPress websites. The idea behind this black hat scheme is to abuse the server resources and storage by installing spammy sites within a WordPress subdirectory. The spammy sites are usually promoting products, designer sunglasses for example, with the intent for the attacker to make affiliate income. What sets this tactic apart from other SEO hacked spam, such as malicious redirects or defacements, is that it doesn’t change the appearance of […]The post New Occurances of SEO Spam Discovered: Hacked Subdirectories on WordPress Sites by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Xiaomi is finally stepping out of Apple and Samsung’s shadows

Pretty much all smartphones now resemble iPhones. But in the future, all phones might look like Xiaomi’s newly announced Mi Mix concept phone, which will be available in China starting next month. The Mi Mix is garnering attention not because it’s designed by renowned French designer Philippe Starck or the fact that it’ll only cost about $520, but because it’s a glimpse of the future of phone design. SEE ALSO: Xiaomi is working on this super cool bezel-less ceramic phone The Mi Mix is also Xiaomi’s first real attempt at bucking the trend of simply copying Apple’s and Samsung’s phones and selling them for less, and innovating with hardware that challenges the status quo. Read more…More about Screens, Innovation, Samsung, Apple, and Smartphones