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Bernie Sanders doppelgänger forced to wear ‘I’m not Bernie’ shirt

Having a famous doppelgänger can have its perks. But it can also be incredibly annoying. Maybe that’s why a Bernie Sanders lookalike was spotted at an unknown FedEx location wearing a white shirt with blue and red lettering (very patriotic) that read, “I am not Bernie.” Although the man’s face isn’t fully visible, the resemblance to the Vermont Senator is so uncanny that we’re not completely convinced this isn’t Sanders himself.  SEE ALSO: Bernie Sanders made a drag brunch campaign stop in West Hollywood Image: DasbeardogThe photo, which was posted to Reddit’s r/pics by Dasbeardog, quickly hit the site’s front page. In the comments section, another Redditor posted a behind shot of what we can only assume is the same man, rockin’ the same outfit. Read more… More about Pics, Funny, Bernie Sanders, and Watercooler

5 things to fill the void now ‘Game of Thrones’ is over

Now that Game of Thrones is finished for at least another year, how are we supposed to live? Like any good breakup, distraction is the only answer. Before you give into grief, put that chin up and dive into this list of Game of Thrones facts, figures and activities to numb the pain of absence. SEE ALSO: The ‘Game of Thrones’ finale set up some massive rifts for Season 7 1. Theories. So. Many. Theories We’re only two days into our breakup, and already the internet has lost its collective mind imagining what will happen to our beloved Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Greyjoys and others. Do yourself a favour, and before you purge your life of everything Thrones-related, binge on theories about Series 7 in the bounty of forums and chat rooms out there, and of course, on this lovely website you’re browsing currently. Read more… More about Game Of Thrones Season 6, Game Of Thrones Season 7, Australia, and Watercooler

$22 million worth of Bitcoin sold in Australian-first auction

If you had a couple of million to spare last week, you could have won yourself a very healthy haul of Bitcoin. On Tuesday, financial services firm Ernst and Young announced it had successfully auctioned off 24,518 bitcoins. The bitcoins are worth around A$22 million ($16 million) by current value. One bitcoin is currently worth A$891.95 ($657.89) as at time of publication. SEE ALSO: Report: Netflix is no longer Australia’s fastest growing streaming service The closed international auction, which ended on June 21, was open to bidders who supplied a deposit of $250,000 (A$338,698) and met other financial requirements. There were 11 lots of 2,000 bitcoins and one lot of 2,518 bitcoins. Each lot was worth well in excess of A$1 million, although bidders could have paid less. Read more… More about Bitcoin, Australia, and World