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4 people who quit their lucrative jobs to follow their passions and prospered

Confucius, the great Chinese thinker and philosopher, put emphasis on choosing a job we love, so we will never have to work a day in our lives. In the same vein, Oprah popularized “Do what you love and the money will follow.” But how many of us really follow this advice? We’d say few and far between. Given the choice between a corporate life with prosperous lifestyle, passions are often side-lined. These people were stuck in their rewarding, but impersonal careers. They were following the conventional path of success and were quite good at that too, but then their life took a turn. They paid heed to their heart’s calling and made a mark. Read more…More about Startup, Inspiration, Brandspeak, and Youtube Video Lead Template

Teen allegedly groped, pepper-sprayed at Trump rally in Wisconsin

A15-year-old girl was groped before being pepper-sprayed by a manoutside Donald Trump’s rally in Janesville, Wisconsin on Tuesday, local police said. Authorities are searching for two suspects related to the incident. A man in the 1,000-person crowd outside the Holiday Inn Express where the rally took place allegedly groped the teen before another person sprayed her in the face, police said in astatement.Video of the incident shows the girl recoiling after being shot point blank with the orange substance. Before being sprayed, she can be seen shoving someone in the crowd. The girl says she pushed the man who groped her, according to police. Read more… More about Sexual Assault, Election 2016, Donald Trump, and World

Just-released ‘Batman v Superman’ deleted scene could hold clues for ‘Justice League’

Warning: Batman v Superman spoilers follow. Looks like it’s time for Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Deleted Scenes. See also: ‘Batman v Superman’: What actually happened in Batman’s dream, and what it means for ‘Justice League’ On Monday, Warner Bros.’s official YouTube page released what is likely to be the first of many scenes that were cut from Batman v Superman’s theatrical release. The 44-second video shows us what happened after Lex Luthor let loose his Doomsday monster, but before he ended up in prison with a freshly-shaved head The scene, titled “Communion,” shows an armed SWAT team entering Zod’s fallen Kryptonain ship, where the monster who just killed Superman was born. There they find Luthor, right where we left him. As the music swells, we see a Kryptonian hologram of a very different monster surrounded by floating squares, which disappears when the visibly shaken Luthor notices he’s no longer alone. Read more…More about Entertainment, Film, Video, Videos, and Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice