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Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley take the stage for Democrats’ big night in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa — For Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley, Saturday night was all about making their case to the Iowa activists who could make or break their presidential campaigns. For the rest of the country, it was a political spectacle of epic proportions. The Iowa Democratic Party’s annual “Jefferson-Jackson Dinner” is seen as a kickoff for of the state’s Feb. 1 caucuses. And with just 100 days to go until the first contest in the presidential nominating process, it could well be a race-shaping event. See also: Hillary Clinton roars into Iowa with help from Katy Perry Just how critical the candidates view this dinner was evident by the organization they put on display. Each candidate arrived with a slew of supporters in tow, many marching to the dinner from nearby rallies. The dinner, which drew more than 6,000 activists, gave supporters of each campaign the opportunity to literally size up their competition in the same room Read more…More about Hillary Clinton, Us World, Politics, Us, and Bernie Sanders

Hands-free tech is still distracting to drivers, study shows

Think Siri is the safest way to use your phone in the car? AAA urges you to reconsider. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety released a study Thursday that states hands-free technology can distract drivers, even when their eyes are looking forward and their hands are on the wheel. A variety of in-car infotainment systems, in addition to voice-activated systems on mobile phones, were tested as part of the study. See also: Tesla is mapping the Earth, ’cause your GPS won’t cut it for self-driving cars Many modern cars are equipped with advanced infotainment systems that control navigation, audio and other vehicle functions. Automakers install hands-free systems that allow drivers to operate infotainment systems with voice commands. iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices offer similar functionality, often used while driving. Read more…More about Tech

3 communication skills you need for a career in digital media—and how to get them

From journalism to digital marketing to the finance or business fields, nearly every industry’s hiring managers are clamoring for talent who know the golden rule: Content is king. Having a comprehensive view on digital media, then, and being able to produce and disseminate such content — whether SEO-optimized blog posts, internationally aimed articles, or photo essays — is a huge advantage for job seekers across the board. And while impressive internships or undergrad degrees are certainly necessities for scoring a dream job, an advanced degree from a reputable university such as the American University School of Communication can give your resume the oomph it needs to stand out among the competition. And there’s data to back it up: Just six months after receiving a master’s degree from the AU School of Communication, 92% of graduates are either working or completing another advanced degree. Read more…More about Digital Media, Careers, Business, Brandspeak, and Jobs