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Pope Francis needs to admit that birth control is essential

Pope Francis came to the United States with an urgent message: We must act with moral conviction as we face the threat of climate change and the destructive force of poverty On Thursday morning, he stood before Congress and pressed the nation’s politicians, and the country, to be decisive on both fronts. And yet, he has championed these causes without acknowledging the essential role of birth control See also: LGBT advocates call on Pope Francis to ‘welcome us home’ The Vatican’s nearly 50-year-old ban on contraception prevents Francis from embracing one of the most effective tools for empowering half the world’s population, changing the fortunes of the impoverished and creating a more sustainable future Read more…More about Health, Women, Policy, Religion, and Gender

Google Display Network Now Auto-Converts Text Ads into ‘Richer Text’ Image Ads by @LarryKim

I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools, tips, and tricks to make Google AdWords perform better for marketers. Recently, I learned that Google has added an awesome new feature to the Google Display Network – it will now automatically convert text ads to image ads! Earlier this week, we discovered this strange new ad format in a client account – I mean, the format itself wasn’t strange, but suddenly they had visual ads where only text ads had been running for that particular display campaign. After much head scratching and cruising the web looking for an announcement or news […]The post Google Display Network Now Auto-Converts Text Ads into ‘Richer Text’ Image Ads by @LarryKim appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The Patrick Kane rape case: Sorting a strange and twisted saga

A two-time Olympian and three-time league champion among his sport’s biggest stars is accused of sexual assault, but remains with his team anyway as new bombshell questions are raised about possible evidence tampering in the case If this was another sport, you’d be hearing a lot more about it See also: Who is PFT Commenter? Meet the best sports satirist on the Internet But Patrick Kane doesn’t play in the NBA or the NFL, or even Major League Baseball. He plays for the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL, and hockey is much less a part of the American conversation than basketball, football or baseball Read more…More about Nhl, Entertainment, and Sports

‘The Muppets’ isn’t quite what you remember, and that’s not a bad thing

It’s not easy being green. Especially when you’re as gung-ho about dating co-workers as Kermit the Frog is. Kermit might be Jim Henson’ssweet, soft-spoken,Rainbow Connection-singing frog, but onThe Muppets he’s just as flawed and prone to errors in judgment as any human. He never learned the cardinal rule of in-office dating: Don’t sh*t where you eat. As a result, he’s the executive producer on a late-night talk show hosted by his ex, Miss Piggy. See also: Miss Piggy blames Kermit for her ‘Vanity Fair’ snub Kermit and Piggy were the real deal for a long time. But that fell apart for all the reasons you’d think their relationship would fall apart: She was too demanding, too self-absorbed, and he was too meek to do anything about it until far too late. Read more…More about Entertainment, Abc, Television, Fall Tv, and The Muppets