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Web Design vs. SEO: It Doesn’t Make Much Sense

It’s a common sight: designers bashing SEOs and vice versa. We all have been seeing this happening for a long while now. And it’s probably not going to end any soon. It might get pregnant and more heated in a year or two, though. Unless, of course, both sides realize that they finally need to Author informationResult FirstResultFirst helps businesses get found through white-hat SEO practices, takes care of their online reputation and manages their PPC campaigns so that they don’t have to. The firm enjoys taking 100% accountability of the investments of its clients.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post Web Design vs. SEO: It Doesn’t Make Much Sense appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Choosing an SEO Company in 2013

Introduction SEO is a very fluid industry that has a history of shape-shifting, leaving many who need these services in a tricky position when it comes to choosing an SEO company in 2013. The online SEO industry offers a cloudy mix of SEO tactics. Many are still being sold online as viable methods, despite their Author informationHenry HernandezHenry H. Hernandez is the CEO and Founder of Texas SEO. Henry got his feet wet on the agency side in 2005, and moved to the client side in late 2012. Henry specializes in multi-channel local search marketing strategies to a wide range of companies across the country. “Be Strong and Courageous” – Joshua 1:9Google+The post Choosing an SEO Company in 2013 appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Cat Friend vs. Dog Friend: Your Furry BFFs in Human Form

Fido and Fluffy might seem like the perfect buddies, but we advise you to never wish that your furry friends transform into humans. While they’re certainly loving and loyal, they’re also neurotic and terrified of anything that makes loud noises. Not to mention that whole pooping in a box or on the neighbor’s lawn thingYouTube channel fatawesomefilms imagines what dogs and cats would be like in human form for the second installment of Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend. SEE ALSO: 15 Best Cat Memes Ever [MEOW] Side note: What cat wears a striped v-neck? BONUS: 10 Cats Clearly Plotting to Kill Their Owners Read more…More about Viral Videos, Dogs, Cats, Watercooler, and Videos

Google Plus: Bridging the Gap

In recent years, social media has grown exponentially, popping into existence less than a decade ago. With that, the tools and uses of social media have grown as well, and can now provide real-life application and feeling of closeness. This element of social media is what I like to call ‘Human Media:’ virtually interacting closely Author informationSarah HillSarah Hill is the Chief Storyteller for Veterans United Home Loans and the 38th most followed person on Google+. Join her in a Google Hangout or connect with her page.TwitterGoogle+The post Google Plus: Bridging the Gap appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

The Ultimate Guide in Writing an E-book

 Writers nowadays don’t have to fear the fearful publishers who require countless of editing and proofreading before considering releasing the book copy to public stands. This is because writers can publish books themselves online or subscribe for ebook conversion services. Surely e-books make a lot of difference in the world of content development. In this Author informationJamaica SanchezJamaica Sanchez is a Website Auditor with solid experience. She has been an advocate of cloud computing for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion in dancing, cooking and playing golf.TwitterGoogle+The post The Ultimate Guide in Writing an E-book appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

5 Ways to Turn Existing Content into High Touch Visuals

As the pace of content creation increases, our attention spans seem to be decreasing. This is requiring creators to adapt and consider ways in which people can consume content in a timely manner.  The result is a movement towards highly visual content.  While you may not have the resources to hire a designer or visual Author informationSrinivas RaoSrinivas Rao is the host and cofounder of BlogcastFM where he’s interviewed over 300 bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Pick up his free guide on How to Repurpose Content for Profit and Fame.The post 5 Ways to Turn Existing Content into High Touch Visuals appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

I/O Denim Are Jeans Designed for Your Smartphone

From skinny to flared, jeans come in a wide range of styles — and now, you can add denim designed for smartphones to the mix. Combining fashion and technology, I/O Denim are jeans that have a pocket on the left leg, in between the knee and the hip along the seam, according to the company’s website. Trademarked the I/O Pocket, it fits any smartphone that has a 4.8-inch screen or smaller, including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S devices. While they’re hardly groundbreaking, I/O Denim’s creators say their jeans cater to people who struggle to access mobile phones from standard jean pockets. CEO Anand Venkatrao was inspired to create the line after nearly getting into a car accident on the freeway while trying to retrieve his phone. Read more…More about Smartphone, Denim, Tech, Mobile, and Work Play

3 Steps to Reducing Search CPA’s in Half!

Is your paid search program under performing    Do you need to find a way to decrease your CPA’s?  These are the first steps you should take to improve performance. 1.    Locate “Bleeder” KW’s Run a KW report for the last 90 days – Include conversions, CPA, and conversion rate Filter for KW’s greater than 2X your Author informationAlexander DaoAlexander Dao is a Senior Manager at DataPop.com. You can follow him @the_dao_jonesTwitterLinkedInThe post 3 Steps to Reducing Search CPA’s in Half! appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

SpotOn.It Analyzes Your Google Calendar to Improve Your Social Life

The Launchpad is a series that introduces Mashable readers to compelling startups. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: SpotOn.it One-Liner Pitch: SpotOn analyzes your Google Calendar and asks about your interests in order to recommend events and activities that may change up your daily routine. Why It’s Taking Off: The web app makes targeted event recommendations based on your interests and schedule. There’s no shortage of calendar apps to help you manage your schedule, but a new online service is taking a slightly different approach. Read more…More about Startups, Business, Travel Leisure, and The Launchpad

This Week In Search – New Video Series on SEJ

So we’ve decided to start doing a weekly video series on SEJ about things that are happening in the search marketing industry.  We’ll be trying to relevant things that are happening and hot topics this past week.  Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.  If you’d like us to talk about Author informationJohn RamptonManaging Editor John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, PPC guru at Maple North and founder at PPC.org.TwitterFacebookGoogle+LinkedInThe post This Week In Search – New Video Series on SEJ appeared first on Search Engine Journal.