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Inbound Marketing in Foreign Languages

Traditional “outbound” marketing techniques, such as advertising and telemarketing, involve reaching out to potential customers and grabbing their attention. Inbound marketing involves creating quality content that will bring your customers to you. This can be challenging enough in your own native language. When dealing with multiple languages online, there are even more things to consider.

The Art of the Webinar: The 5 Most Important Aspects of Successful Webinar Planning

The ways in which companies and their leadership engage with their customers and other various members of the public is always evolving. New ways for outreach have brought more opportunities for information exchange, feedback gathering, and industry education all with positive branding, exposure, and authority-boosting impacts. Social media, guest blogging, white papers, and videos have

Friday Humor: Truth

Sometimes things that are truthful are the funniest things of all. So, some buddies and I found some things we thought were “true” to share with you. Have a happy Friday! Awkward! Source: obstacol.com via Melissa on Pinterest MTV Source: tumblr.com via Melissa on Pinterest Quitting Facebook Source: google.com via Melissa on Pinterest