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What Are the CIVETS and Why Are They Important Parts of the Foreign Language Internet Mix?

The term CIVETS might sound like small furry mammals found in Africa. But if you’re speaking to an international marketer or entrepreneur, they’re probably talking about a group of countries tipped to be major emerging markets. The acronym, coined by Robert Ward of the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2009, stands for Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournal

FTC Retains Outside Expert Counsel for Google Antitrust Probe

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is currently investigating Google to determine if the search engine is unfairly favoring its own web properties over competitors, announced Thursday that they would be retaining outside counsel. FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz told reporters that the decision to retain a highly-experienced litigator does not indicate that the FTC has Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournal

The Game of Business

What would you do if you had a Google in your vertical?  Would you patiently abide the pecking order?  Would you beef up your stock, gaining more leverage and money within a respective space?  Alpha, big-boy personalities don’t always play well.  Sometimes they clash in an attempt to spread respective feathers. Have you heard?  Facebook Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournal

New Features of Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools has developed in line with the growing demands of the SEO industry over the past year. Many new and powerful features have been added, which are all well worth understanding. Given the vast amount of information that Google don’t give you, when they do give you data, it is important to know. Follow SEJ on Twitter @sejournal